Video mixing to an external screen(TV)

iPad Pro 9.7 and ddj wego4. How do I connect the wego to my TV so I can mix videos? What adapter do I need and how would you run it.

You can’t connect the WeGo. It doesn’t have a video output.

Connect the iPad to the TV. Various adapters are sold, catering for the different connections on the iPad end or the TV end.

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Thanks for the clarification and info @PKtheDJ.

@ChrisM here’s our FAQ article on the subject:

Thank You both. Will this display only the video portion or is it an actual screen mirror? Also is there anyway i can use the wego with another type of adaptor or will i just have to strictly mix directly from ipad?

You’re welcome @ChrisM.

  1. When you connect the display, djay will present you with some options.

  2. If your iPad has a USB-C socket, there are many USB Hub options available with HDMI and USB-A connections. Something like this will allow you to connect a USB MIDI controller and an external monitor at the same time. I personally use a Baseus 11 in 1 hub with my iPad and it works great.

Great, Thank You for the clarification on the options! Unfortunately my ipad has a older lightning connection so im probably out of luck unless i upgrade the ipad.

You’re welcome @ChrisM. Well, you could try using the official Apple Camera Adapter (Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple) connected to the iPad and then connecting a USB-A hub to it that has USB-A and HDMI sockets. I suspect this setup will be less reliable though. Also USB-A hubs are becoming less and less common.

@ChrisM It’s possible to get Lightning adapters as well. Did you not Google?

yes, a few different ones do come up. wasn’t sure if it has to say camera adapter though.

Hi @ChrisM, in general, I would avoid non Apple Lightning adapters. I have tested many of these over the years and have had a lot of reliability issues. Several users on this forum have reported similar reliability issues with 3rd party Lightning adapters. If this is just for home use and not at a venue where you need to rely on it, then a 3rd party lightning adapter might be fine for your use.

EDIT: The same holds true for my suggestion above with the Lighting Adapter / USB-A hub combination. I would not want to rely on this configuration in a venue or mission critical situation.

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As you’re looking to connect a screen, not a camera, then choose a Lightning to HDMI or Lightning to VGA (etc. depending on what screen you have).

Here’s the HDMI from Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter - Apple (UK)

Thanks for the suggestion @PKtheDJ. This is the same adapter I suggested above in the FAQ article. However, @ChrisM followed up asking about being able to connect a monitor and DJ controller at the same time.

I actually think I may have one of these at home now. I will test that out. I was confused more on trying to find a lightning adapter to try and use the wego as well. If my ipad was usb -c it looks like it would be possible.

definitely just for home use haha

If you look at the picture of the product, you will see it has a pass through socket.

interesting, which one would be the passthrough?

The one that’s not HDMI.

Someone here claiming it’s not possible though:

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I was just putting the connection sequence in my head as im not with the equipment. It looks like it should work but i believe because it is not USB-c it doesn’t work. I sort of remember someone saying this a while back. Now I can’t remember the work around for it but it may have been by using the camera adapter. (not sure why that would be)

Maybe you could try sending the video via AirPlay?

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gonna give that a shot. Might be time to upgrade I pad lol though