Video mixing to an external screen(TV)

Good point! I always thought the Lightning socket on that end was charging only. If it is indeed full pass through then yeah you could potentially connect the Camera adapter to the iPad first then the HDMI adapter to the pass through socket on the Camera adapter.

I don’t have one so I’ve never tried, but it’s certainly called pass through in product descriptions, so you’d expect it to be identical to the one on the device - but these same descriptions also say it’s for charging…and I can find find no mention of anyone using it for DJ controllers.

In fact the opposite. I’ve seen a few posts saying it can’t be done, If I had one, I’d try it.

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I want to say that the camera adapter is pass through but the lightning to HDMI adapter is not pass through. I feel like i’ve have heard that before. I have the HDMI adapter at home and will try later and then maybe go to apple tomorrow for the camera adapter and try that.

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Screen mirroring works and you can use the controller for loading tracks and the jogwheels but you can not control volume or cue with the earphones. Volume is controlled by the TV speakers or you could switch to iPad. If you use the lightning to HDMI adapter you can not use the controller at all. It must not have pass through. If there is no way to control volume by mirroring I will try the camera adapter this weekend

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Thanks for investigating @ChrisM :+1:

It’s probably to do with available resources then, being a case of “either/or” and not both.

Do you need an adapter if you are coming straight from a MacBook pro? I have a usbc out and a HDMi Out from the my MacBook pro… When I had I have tried it doesn’t give me any options… So I’m guessing I need another adapter for this? I’m wanting to play music videos and graphics on to a TV. If anyone could advise that would great :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing this @ChrisM. I suspected that would be an issue trying to separate the video and audio signals on iOS. Looking forward to hearing if the Camera Adapter + HDMI Adapter configuration works.

I thought of something else last night and tried out. When mirroring the only thing that didn’t work was the master level volume and the headphone cue. The 2 sliders do work to adjust volume so I thought maybe I could go headphones directly to iPad but no go. Unless there is a setting I need to try?

Also got the lighting to camera adapter and a USB A hub with HDMI. Dont seem to get it to work for anything. Could you walk me through the correct cable path. What goes to iPad, what goes to hub and what goes into wego? I’ve tried a couple different paths lol

Hi @ChrisM, I would try the following 2 scenarios. In both cases, start with everything disconnected and launch djay before connecting anything.

  1. Connect the Camera Adapter to the iPad, then the Lightning HDMI adapter to it via the pass through Lightning socket.
    a. Connect your iPad charging cable and charger to the HDMI Adapter. Confirm your iPad is charging.
    b. Connect the HDMI cable between the adapter and your monitor
    c. Connect the USB cable between the Camera Adapter and your DJ controller.

  2. Connect the Camera Adapter to the iPad, then your iPad charging cable and charger. Confirm your iPad is charging.
    a. Connect your USB-A hub to the Camera Adapter
    b. Connect the HDMI cable between the hub and your monitor
    c. Connect the USB cable between the hub and your DJ controller.

No luck, when using option 1 when I connect lighting adapter to the camera adapter the iPad reads accessory not supported and will not charge.
When using option 2 it feels as though it wants to work but the TV will not recognize a power source and the iPad does not give the screen view options

Yeah I suspected that might be the case. I believe this is a technical limitation of the lightning adapters. USB-C simply works better for this type of scenario.

I’ve been doing this on a USB-C iPad Mini 6 with a hub thingy. I believe there are similar HDMI out dongles for Lightning that can work the same. Be sure it has power in so the iPad can stay powered. I explain my simple setup here.

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I was given this link by someone in the Facebook group and it came today and it does indeed work ! The wego power is not strong enough when you have everything plugged so it doesn’t charge but I just plugged it in the wall. So far so good. I did notice even when I mirrored that I do get a little bit of video freeze but hopefully that clears up! Here’s the link for adapter

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Thanks for the update @ChrisM. Glad to hear it’s working for you.

Here’s the same device from Amazon UK:

I also spotted this one (with a card slot):