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Thanks for a great product!

How about a view when you use a controller, especially Reloop Buddy or other supported controllers? What I mean is a big overview so I can see every important parameter happening when I use a controller on a big screen for example iPad Pro. I only want to use the screen when needed for example changing effects or start a drumbeat etc.


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100% agree, that’s why I had created a similar topic a while ago: Give us a viewing mode made for controllers (like „Pro“ mode on macOS)


Thanks for the like in djjoejoe’s viewing mode topic. I was just about to tell you to have a look at it.

It’s even more important that you click the Vote button in that topic as that is what gets taken notice of by the gods!

Let’s get a Pro view mode soon for IOS


Hi @xeamus,

Thanks for the great feature request!

As stated in @djjoejoe’s thread, due to the different screen real estate we wanted to have a more compact representation on iOS.

We will push this information along to our dev team for further insight and keep this thread updated with any new details we get!

Thanks for the replay. Voted. :blush:

Hi! Thanks for replay. This could be a real dealbreaker to use any controller with Djay Pro AI and see any or the most important things on the screen without tapping multiple folders and change views, it’s not so inuiative when you use a controller. I really think this is a gamechanger if you implement this on a iPhone/iPad/iPad Pro when you use a controller. Of course you could change this in the settings if you prefer the old view.



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