Visualizers and Visual Loops add/new?

I’m starting to use djay pro video functionality but i have a question :smiley:
There are only 5 “visualizers” …why? in the future will be able to have/buy more?
Or you can already create / insert new ones?
The same thing goes for “visual loops” … exists a way to get/add more?
Thank you!

One year later, a new version of djay pro, and lots of users who have “push[ed] the topic by sharing their thoughts” on this thread and others, but we still only have 5 visualisers…?

You can’t even add your own videos? That’s ridiculous!

*Puts credit card back in wallet.*

Wait! You can.

Just stick 'em in your Movies folder. You can access that from the browser.

Yeah, just tested exactly that, and it works fine. You have to have loading into active tracks enabled, then you just have to drag the movie into the top half of the “window”. The movie then replaces whatever visual was there (in my case, a visualizer) and starts playing.

I would love to be able to buy some more visualizer loops directly from DJay Pro app! I know there are ways around this by adding your own purchased elsewhere but it would make it much easier to just purchase directly in the app. PLEASE ADD THIS OPTION!!!

I would like to see more visualizers as well

Yes, I too am extremely disappointed that the same visualizers are all we get in DJay Pro 2. I bought the app immediately with the misunderstanding that I could upload my own videos into the visualizer. It was the photo slide show feature that I mistakenly thought would allow me to upload my own videos. I don’t even need the video to respond to the audio the way the visualizers do. That’s not necessary to me at all (though it wouldn’t hurt to have the option to switch that feature on).

I’m still a big fan of the app and have used it since day one. All I want to be able to do is have a custom video clip that I created specifically for the event be the default video on the screen unless I’m playing a music video. Please, please, please develop this feature.

I messed around with it again last night and wan’t able to make it work.

So, just to be clear, are you saying that you loaded an audio track in Deck One, played that track, and then, while that track was playing, you were able to also load a video track onto Deck One and have only the video of that track play while the sound from the audio track was playing?

That’s what I’m wanting to do. Although, that is still not ideal. What would be ideal would be the ability to upload a video and have it play as the default video whenever I’m not playing a music video.

Sweet! You’re right! I just tried it and it does work. Strange that I was trying it also night and it wasn’t working. It might have had something to do with the file type I was using or something. Anyway, at least it works. Still very cumbersome as we have to load the video EVERY time we load a song rather than just having the video play by default, but its better than nothing. Thanks for your help, man!

Only on IOS at this point?

Great. Thanks for the clarification!

I bought Djay Pro primarily for the video aspects of it, being able to integrate it all so well, rather than having separate video playing from another computer requiring expensive hardware switchers. I particularly like the “visualizations” and need many more than the 5 there are… Visualizers are much better than video, because by default, when running in video mode they just come up automatically to pair with audio only files. Even video loops are not as good because you might cue a song which is purely audio, then have nothing projected visually. Everything I do is always projected to a screen, so I always need some kind of video up there. Loops as said must be separately and purposely loaded, but visualizers are just “there” to catch to you when we forget to load a file. Please make many more! I will gladly pay to have more as an addon file.

We can buy more visual loops I gather from “loopmasters”, but the disadvantage is… Most of the time I have a bunch of audio only spotify tracks going, which need video paired: but loading a video loop ends up playing its own audio track! Is there a way to prevent the audio from playing if it exists in the video loop and keep the spotify (or other) audio track I originally selected? If so, then we could get by for now with loops.

Hi Thomas. I use the Visualizers without a problem, and my laptop is now 6 years old. I always use wired HDMI though… I would never trust airplay for public use. Please many more visualizers or else support for auto loading random loop video clips that we could buy and add with audio only files!

I have been playing around with loading in various bits of video, just regular things I put together myself with ridiculous lengths, but the program handles it fine. I guess using the “drag to video” section is a bit of focused work when coordinating music and regular lighting as a DJ, but doable. Now I just have to find decent compatible small video chunks to use. Loopmasters? Any other suggestions? Any particular packages? The built in visualizers are therefore just a backup if I forget to load in a video each time on the audio beds. So far I haven’t had to try splitting audio from video and not sure I need to with the way it is working.

That will work, and supposedly you can have pictures now too (though I haven’t tried that yet). I found one problem however is in finding small loop videos and getting it to play them over and over. Although you pretty much only find / buy short videos for loops and “visualization” content, it will not loop them automatically… Playing them only once and then the screen goes to black! That makes it useless. Larger videos loaded would take up too much ram in the computer (I would guess), and you can’t cue them to different spots. If you used a long animation piece, it would start at the exact same starting spot and be seen as the same thing over and over for each song. If we could assign a single clip to play back continuously that would be great too, but no functionality for that either. The video window has huge potential that is being under-utilized.

Denon Dj mc6000 mk2 can separate the audio from the video hence playing audio only on one deck and video only in the other, not too practical if you in the mix but explore., try some free ones, worked for me.

Thank you for your feedback.
Further visualisers is on our user request agenda, would be great if other users push the topic by sharing their thoughts.

Cheers,Lukas E.