VJay For Mac !

There is no good software for mac for VJays/DJays… VirtualDJ has alot of stability problems on mac, an serato video is hardware dependent (RANE ssl) so very expensive.

Please make a Vjay software with all the Djay capabilities (your good itunes integration)

  • We also need live feed video from macbook pro’s webcam or an external iphone (this is not complicated as there are already apps for that such as iwebcamera)

  • midi controller

  • Text input

  • Video effects

  • Video transitions

  • later on maybe twitter integration to show on the external screen the twitter conversation #subject or @people

Me + all the mac DJ/VJ would love to see that happen !!

Thanks for considering this idea.

Wanted to bump up this solution, Cross is worth checking out especially since there’s a free version to trial in the mac app store to see if it will work for you. Full version ($129 atm) has all features that OP was asking for (except twitter integration).

Any works in the pipeline for a version of Vjay for mac?
or perhaps even a paid-for plugin compatible for Djay?

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Vjay for mac?.

Thanks for your ongoing participation and feedback in our forum.

Although, I find your statement really interesting, especially considering the fact that we never reveal any future plans regarding our products.

Which app do you prefer to organize your media files?

Hi Scott,

I understand your frustration that your request for your controller hasn’t been added. However, saying that customer service is terrible or that support is non-existent based on this is just not fair.

We take requests into consideration but you have to understand that we cannot implement anything and everything.

You say that your controller is the “most popular controller”, yet your post hasn’t been upvoted by many users here. Also note that all improvements and new features included in the last update where among the top requested features here.

Hi Andre,

Sorry, but we do not pre-announce any future releases. Hope you understand.

Guys, are you sure you want this? I mean, you would have to have ALL your videos in iTunes. That is the ONLY way this software will integrate with your music.

They have ABSOLUTELY no plans to get away from iTunes… I stopped using it because I don’t want to be a slave to iTunes.

As with ALL other dj related software, the files are organized WITHIN the software itself. No external app… Djay and Vjay should organize the files within the software itself and have an option to use iTunes.

Most dj’s put their tracks in a folder. Then, the tracks are organized by the software, based on the folder structure.

Because Djay uses iTunes, it limits itself to those who use iTunes. It makes absolutely no sense to me that a high quality program requires its users to use something that MANY people don’t use.

If you look at your own forums, this is absolutely one of the most requested items. Glad to help implement this if you would like… but you would have to get out of bed with iTunes first.

Oh, and this feature has been asked about for years! That proves that there is no intention on changing anything. You got my money and I am not using your software based on this so I guess you won no matter what.

It’s been requested for two years… If it hasn’t happened by now, I would not hold my breath.

I am beginning to think this software is dead, with nothing being updated. I mean, no native mapping for the Denon MC6000. The most popular controller in the world… that says a ton.

Honestly, if this update or new product isn’t substantial, I am done with dJay. I have invested too much time and money only to wait 6 months for a reply to my post.

The customer service is terrible. Support is non-existent. They update an app and then disappear for months. No support for popular controllers…

ONE MORE and I am done. Too many other good software titles for professional dj’s out there.

You hear that Warren… make it good or I am outta here. (expecting a reply in November)

I am putting together something that should be interesting… stay tuned.

Andre, they keep coming out with iPad versions but nothing for Mac. It is VERY frustrating I assure you. They come out with something and then go on vacation for a year. Now that there is spottily integration, I don’t expect ANYTHING for at least a year. Just how they work things around here.

I keep checking back, hoping things change but they don’t. A TRUE waste of money on my part since we have been asking for SO long.

They are focusing on the bedroom dj, not the pro. That is obvious.

But yes, look for at least 9 months for anything else to come out.

Over TWO YEARS we have been waiting for a new version…

People are jumping ship Warren. It’s VERY interesting that you keep adding things to the iPad app but nothing for the Mac app.

If this is going to be just an toy iPad app, let us know so we can stop checking back.

Beyond frustrating at this point!

Are there plans in the near future for VJay for mac?

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I agree, its about time they update this app for us MAC users. Maybe they want us to stop using it so that they can go totally with these djs on iphones. For a while I thought DJay was gonna give Serato and VDJ a run…But I guess they have decided to concentrate elsewhere

I have to agree. For the last year or so I have been using another on with djay. Honestly, the more of my music that gets cues and stuff set in the other software, the closer I get to leaving djay. Djay has several things that I love about it, but I too have waited too long

im inn … on this one 2 …vdj and serato are way to pricey

I’m sure they hear all of you guys


Me too!!!

Well I admit that Tony Smith got a point… please no Virtual DJ…