VJay For Mac !

For me I don’t care itunes or not itunes ! The way people organize music files without itunes is even a nightmare ! With a lot of people complaining about lost mp3s !!! For me having itunes playlist directly in djay or vjay is even a optimization tool !!!

Well, not really… For me no need of a spotify option… I don’t like songs in the cloud and when you are djying in somewhere where connection is not exellent it’s useless… I was hoping more…

Drysen … I found something on the mac = Cross DJ not simple as Djay is though but work correctly… Me I made the jump because what you describe about the ipad is the problem i quickly came into…

Yes this is a good solution, be careful of the spec of hardware for video… Also the user interface is somehow not always easy when you are on the rush to find the next tune to play… but At least they do the thing and it works !!!

Also the last update on the djay app on mac was not worth it… Spotify ? … Come on !!! when I have to mix on the middle of nowhere with only 1 signal of 3G ??? What a joke ! On my last party, people said that video mix was a great addition because it attracted people to come to the dance floor and so to make the party a success… Hey we were 100 !!!

We As Consumers DO NOT want to use Virtual DJ … If you made this possible for Ipad and iphones…Just imagine how BIG this concept would be for MAC users (:

I wonder if any rep has considered the new breed of MUSICIANS using DJ programs as an “tool” or “instrument” which is Hi-Jacked along with other aux ins and midi controlled keyboard sounds. I happened upon this approach by complete serendipity with Torq and Reason, while feeding live drumming into a couple stereo audio tracks (auxilliary and mic’d drum kit are simple to set up if you are vaguely familiar with a 8-12 Ch mixer that sits PRE any DAW interface software such as Pro Tools, which was how I discovered the systemic “intermedia” that Dave Macuinous spoke of, only missing the vital visual elements. Holding my degree in visual public art, I had grown away from the concept of BIG AUDIENCE and toward smaller, affrontive audience. I’m not trained as a DJ, VJ, etc, but I am trained as a public artist & I see a STRONG RESEMBLANCE TO PUBLIC ART.
I hope I’ve confused you as much as myself (lol), but there’s just too much to write.
I know, I know, … I love algoriddim. But there are others poppin up all over. In fact at the time I’m writing this, DJay is on my Mac. I use Final Cut Pro X for my films, which are just as fluxed up and cut up as the audio I set it to. All of this would not be possible without the DJ & VJay Apps, yet the farther I go, the more I find I use EVERY POSSIBLE interface; starting with my hands and fingers as the guitar finger-picker/drummer with an issue of recording modulating beats throughout marathon hour, 2 hour sessions. I feel for you all. Equipment glitches are awful, yet sometimes they can work to your advantage.

Btw, since I use Audio HiJack Pro quite a bit to wrangle in every bit of data, I use it’s folder within my music folder … simply to avoid iTunes. ITunes for me is for final mixed, bounced audio that I may study my work with with to find where one LP starts and an EP begins, etc.

Pleeeeease, video support for the Mac! I want to ditch Serato at my club.

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vjay for mac os x?.

Will there be a VJay for Mac OS X in the near future or will I have to buy an extra large (storage) iPad? I want to take ONE device to DJ/VJ with on cruise ships rather than have to take a MacBook AND an iPad for mp3s and mp4s respectively.

Yes pleas do a version for mac

Hi, this is a vs user and I would ask if you are planning the construction of Vjay for macbook … I use a lot of your app, both vjay (with iPad) and djay (with ipad and mac). thanks

Jerry Grassia

please make djay 2 and vjay for mac

they just don’t care…they make something good and then kill it…they can update for iPhone and iPad (like anybody wants to dj from those platforms) but not the mac…this is ass backwards.

if they have something coming they should at least be respectful enough to give the mac users a date instead of saying good things are coming. WHEEEEEEEEENNNN

for the next-generation DJ solution for iPad and iPhone.
Instantly access over 20 million tracks… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE MAC STUFF…Why don’t Algoriddim just say were not making any updates and nothing new for the mac so we can stop being pissed off when we see new stuff for iPhone and iPad.


hello warren…i want to know when will the vjay be ready for the mac…ive been waiting for years…you have the technology so whats the hold up…no excuse please just the truth.

the future release ??? You have to let people know something is coming , its been so long sense y’all had an update we will never know …we will anticipate it and get it if you tell us something…all companies do that. you keep doing things for iPad and iPhone but not the mac…if we keep commenting on this subject then we must want the product. when we stop which will be very soon then you might as well get rid of djay. but this my last comment I’m done. back to sera to.

you guys are fools…you can easily just give us a fake date or say we are not going to update and to hell will you mac people…but no y’all are just bull shitting around. bed room djs are in full control now…