vjay keeps crashing

When start mp4 files few times, it crashes and app quits always.
Buying an iPad Air for vjay but such disappointing result.
A friend of mine is also facing same situation.

I am also having the same issue. It crashes. It happens the second I attempt to add another video into the unused screen. It happens whether or not the video was created using vjay or the ones I’ve created using another app, that have been saved to my camera roll.

Hi Kaz,

Our developers are already investigating the issue. Can you perhaps send two sample videos for testing (support(at)algoriddim.com)? Thanks!

They asked for a video that makes it crash… did anyone send them a video?

Never crashed on me.

Same problem,with ioad 2,actually it was working fine before last two updates,now I can’t load a second video as it crashes…

Please help!!!thanks!!!

So I’ve found a work around,as I noticed if I just use videos from my camera roll it doesn’t crash,so from effects to anything else I want to use just download it to camera roll fx from vjay can be recorded in vjay then sent to camera roll,and use from there…it’s a pain…but it’s a work around for those who experience crashing when mixing two videos…UNTIL…the problem is resolved,cheers…

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Warren, thanks for taking action,
I send the video via email.
Hope it helps.

Fixing crash issue would be great.

bino, sorry to hear that.
I have sent a reproduce video for algoriddim team. They should be taking care of this. Hope we can use vjay properly soon.

It could be an iPad Air dependent problem. I got an iPhone6 w/iOS8, iPad Mini w/iOS6 which do not have similar problem. Funny thing is that when iPad Air w/iOS7 and old vjay version did not occur this problem.

It’s nice to hear how far support team has investigated. When fix is available and so on.

I did quite a while ago.

We all have the same problem, it is a problem with the software … NOT INDIVIDUAL SONGS!!!

Time to start refunding everyone for this software that does not work properly.

installing/ reinstalling doesn’t work

Like same problem…if try put that featured like wave…camera roll ready movie clip.
Vjay crash down…
I have iPad Air iOS 8.1.1

Nobody do this problem nothing…why?

Yeah totally got the same problem cannot play videos from different categories together (camera roll + featured) but videos played from (music videos and camera roll work). Been this way since the release of iOS 8, but I don’t ever use VJay so it’s not a huge concern. Also VJay doesn’t like the Wego3 much either very very glitchy.

It also does the same thing on a iPhone 5 and iphone 6 plus