Volume drops when using FX

yep still got the problem with Djay 2…

Advised them of the issue in V1, in V2 the problem is still there are they acknowledging the problem no.

Found a fix for it where I can still use my IDJ pro… but not Djay and it works. Meant paying out a lot more money mind to get a DJ system that works is flexible and usable.

All I can say is it is not a hardware problem. My idj pro works fine on other dj software either with the ipad or not. So problem is in Djay.

Agreed works fine with Traktor.

Same problem since DJAY fucking One !!! FX selection drop the volume down !!!

No problem with traktor and mixvibes !!!
With this 2 apps you can put delay, echo without drop volume and distortion.
You need to change the compressor code of your source…algoriddim…
So develop team do your job !!! Please !!!

Yep, all bases fonctions doesn’t work correctly !!! Djay2 became a Fischer Price toy !!!

Haha…Excellent, Phain :wink:

how do we sort this problem?

how do we sort this problem?

I have both versions of DJAY and I find that for special effects, echo, flanger, looping, etc, I use the older version. I find that the precision is much better when performing and I can really control the effects well while playing. With DJAY 2, the x\y grid seems a bit smaller, and therefore, not allowing the full range of effects. Although I do like the features that DJAY 2 has to offer, I’ll continue to use the original until Algoriddim releases and upgrade to enhance these important features for us all to enjoy.

I agree about the selling of the equipment. I haven’t used my controller in over 4 moths. I’ve totally lost interest in it. I paid full asking price for this congtroller when it came out, and, by the way, was the end result of the original IDJ controller becoming useless after the introduction of an IOS update to the iPad.

I now have two versions of the Djay software, one useless iDJ controller, one iDJ Pro Midi controller collecting dust and one depleted bank account since wasting my money on this crap.

After you sell yours, ask the buyer if they know another sucker and refer them to me.

Algoriddim, you really need to listen to the people who have made your company rich. Has your entire staff jumped ship? Hire more developer/testers and redeem your company’s reputation.

Yes, I can’t believe they haven’t addressed this when so many complain about it on djay 1 and has same issue on djay 2. It would be good to have a wet/dry fader.

Any update on whether this issue will be resolved or just left as it is? If it’s just forgotten about , it’s pretty much useless to use , just too harsh and volume dropping ruins the flow of the mix. I would be happy with one effect but just done well so it’s usable.
Algoriddim please don’t brush this problem to the side as it would be a shame to lose support, for something that should have been implemented properly in the first place.

I have the same issue. I have a hard time believing the developers didn’t try the effects before release… Too bad its is still not fixed :frowning:

ive had the same problem from day one. you can adjust the amount of effect with the effect feedback control but it’s not the same.

Hi, We clearly need all these improvements on DJAY for MAC !!
Please, let us know what you’re planning to do / release for MAC Users !


Just got my idj pro and i too gave this problem, the effects make the overall level drop and are very harsh. It would be good to be able to control the ‘volume’ of the effect.


Discovered a work around for this issue until it can be fixed internally. I’ve purchased Audiobus (£2.99) which is pretty damn awesome and allows you to stream from djay into another Fx app such as LiveFx or Turnado. I’ve not tried Turnado but LiveFx has many many features including controlling how loud the effects come in. The downside for idj pro users of course is that you need to use the touchscreen to control them as theres no link to the idj pro. But it does work pretty well and there is shortcuts on the audiobus tab so you don’t need to switch app if your using these.

Hope that helps someone.

No problems with DJ Player with IDJ Pro which is what I’m now using.