Vote up for All loop lengths (1.5,3,5,7, etc) not just 1-2-4-8

Reposting here in more plain language to get the community to help up vote this. You can’t even use the in-out loop function to get these! It instead forces a beat lengths that are just multiples of 2. This is a basic function main competition have.

Hi @17mics, in the future, please just modify your original topic instead of creating a new one as this makes it easier to keep the conversations organized. Thanks!

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I couldn’t find a way for it to let me edit the title but could be my mistake thanks

@Slak_Jaw Great news is that with the newest update, if you do manual in-out loops with quantize OFF, then you can now make any custom loop length which is amazing and I am very thankful for that. Just to let you know to tidy a loose end on this: with quantize on it reverts to only allowing 1-2-4-8 when using in-out. Could be a small programing fix maybe (i.e. seems like quantize ON has old looping code?)

Thanks! really excited to have this function now

You’re welcome @17mics. Thanks for the additional info. I’ve passed this along to the devs.

Hi @17mics, I spoke with engineering. Manual loops intentionally only quantize to 1-2-4-8… sizes. If you would like odd sizes you should use the new MIDI mappings. The odd quantize sizes break sync and a bunch of other things, totally not what you expect if quantize is on.

For reference: to get purely manual loops you also need to disable “Snap loops to beat grid” in advanced settings.

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