Waveforms on DJM-S11 and Rane 72

When will we get waveforms on the iOS version of DJay Pro when using a DJM-S11 or Rane 72? Both mixers have the ability to show waveforms when using Serato DJ Pro, and the S11 can show the waveforms when I use Rekordbox as well. I’d like to see Algorridim be able to show the waveform on the mixer as well. Have we heard any rumblings or news about that being an upcoming feature? TIA for any replies. L8r!


I second this!

  1. It seems that only Pioneer CDJs offer screen support and this is when connected via a Mac not on iOS.
  2. This has been discussed in other threads many times, but I’d like to see screen support on:
    a. Pioneer DDJ-1000
    b. Pioneer DDJ-REV7
    c. Pioneer XDJ-RX2
    d. Pioneer XDJ-XZ
    e. Pioneer DJM-S11
    f. RANE 72 and 72 MKII
    g. Denon Prime 4 and Prime 4+
    h. Denon SC6000 Prime

We’ve been asking for screen support for years now and nothing so far, so it seems there must be a major technical hurdle for Algoriddim to overcome here.

Ah ok I see. Sorry to beat a dead horse then. Hopefully they figure something out and bring it out to all of the platforms they are on. I saw elsewhere that they don’t have Stems on the Windows version, so I’m sure things like that are higher priority, but they need to get all platforms on the same page. I just had a thought. Is the Windows PC version subscription based like the iOS version I have on my iPad? If not that would explain why they are holding features like the stems off the Windows PC version. More people own Windows PCs and if it’s not sub based then they would probably lose out on a lot of money they make each month from iOS users who also own Windows PCs/laptops.

The issue is, I believe, that the HW vendors don’t make drivers for iOS. (Probably because iOS is more locked down by Apple than MacOS).

So, even though the audio interface in a controller is class compliant and works on iOS, devices like screens will need drivers.

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@GODSOWN_DJ new Windows public beta version was just released yesterday with STEMs. So far the beta is free, but I suspect it will become subscription like the rest. So far one sub allows you to access djay Pro AI across all platforms.

I want to bump this! I works love to also see screen support. I have both the Rev7 and 72 mixer. Would be super helpful to get info on the screens.


Huh. Has anyone from Algoriddim every commented on the waveform issue? I just got a 72mk2 and it’s class-compliant so I assumed it would work as well as my Rane One with Djay Pro… but no, it’s awful! It’s not just waveforms that are missing, but track browsing, beat sync, native pad modes, and much more. I wish Algoriddim would give at least some hint as to their direction on this, and whether or not they think it might eventually happen.

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@Slak_Jaw Do you have any updates on waveform display? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @itsRichySmart, thanks for reaching out. We don’t have any news to report regarding screen support.

Cleveland Terry recently posted a good YouTube video discussing how this lack of support for hardware is Algoriddim’s biggest obstacle to winning over real DJ market share. I agree.

I saw his video as well. I do agree with mnost of his commentary. Algoriddim would get more stake in the DJ software relm if these things were implemented. Also, I want to bump this, hoping they will intergrate waveforms to their ecosystem.

Im a new Djay Pro AI user, just trying it out now.

Any plans on making more features of the 72 available for Djay Pro?
Seems to me that the “natively supported” is a bit of an overstatement.

No waveforms dont bother me.
No browsing crates and no tempo data (bpm for the FlexFX engine) is a bigger issue.

Im guessing this is mainly down to RANE and serato being proprietary, but could some more features be accessed?

It seems like the RANE 72 got abandoned by all, including RANE and Serato, but its still a very nice sounding mixer . . .

Have anyone had any luck MIDI mapping the paddle FX knob?
Is there a way to access the pad modes without using the “shift” button.
(and removing the reoccurring popup to tell me i need to use shift hehehe)

Any luck using the FX bank rotaries and buttons for anything at all?

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