What is the sound quality when using Spotify?

I can not find any possibility to choose the sound quality in DJay for the Spotify stream, as I can in the original Spotify app.
What is the sound quality when using Spotify?

:slight_smile: Gerhard

wow this software is a joke
I could find the option after selecting itunes store language, thanks for the tip
but djay2 still is a joke compared to traktor or serato running on a laptop
please algoriddim, keep it simple, but do it right!

This isn’t working for me :frowning:
Did they change it or has the option been removed?

Even just increasing the default sound quality (just setting it to higher/highest) would be sufficient.

I’m also very curious about the quality on the new Djay Pro! Could we please have an official answer on this?

Hi Gerhard,

The sound quality is currently the recommended default setting for mobile devices.

I’ll pass it on to our team. And thanks for your support!

Please note that any settings you make in the Spotify app have absolutely no effect in djay. Due to sandboxing, apps only have access to their own workspace and settings.

Our developers just used the default setting because it’s the “recommended” setting on mobile devices, but we’ll be sure to look into adding support for higher quality.

Hi Nic, it’s still the same quality as before = recommended quality for mobile devices (same as in the Spotify app).

Hi Thomas,

The answer above hasn’t changed. We’re aware of the requests and we’ll be sure to look into it.

By the way, we’re using the recommended streaming quality setting to ensure a good overall performance.

Hi Eric,

djay currently uses the recommended streaming quality for mobile devices at 96 kb/s. You probably changed the setting to a higher quality in the Spoitfy app, which explains the discrepancy. djay currently does not support other streaming qualities, but we are aware of this popular demand and we’ll be sure to consider adding it in a future update.

Good luck…

I’m looking forward to it

I had 3 private gigs using Spotify only in the past months, but no one noticed anything oder complained about the sound quality. Still I think it would sound better with at least 196 kbps

But you can’t mix with Wimp and Djay2. So that doesn’t solve our problem

I can’t understand why it takes so long, to change the settings for the streaming quality. Guess it could be done with a small update, but there’s no update at all. Very sad.

Thanks for the change in Djay Pro but what about the iPad App?

You can find in Djay 2 for iPad the choice of spotify stream quality, in djay pro for iPad that option is not available, why?

Library > Settings > Spotify, then select iTunes Store, select your country, then backward to settings then it shows your steaming quality ( mine Extreme )

You have selected your country on iTunes Sore tab?
As you can see, my iPad Air 2 has the same config…