Which Pioneer Controller is supported on iPad 2?

Hi :slight_smile: I have a iPad2 with iOS 6…I would like to buy The Pioneer WeGo
and I am wondering if it works because Apple and Pioneer say about iPad 4th generation or iPad mini required
with adapter and cable I need to buy?
and if it works,what you advice me to buy?the WeGo or the WeGo2???
thank u for the answer :slight_smile:

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the DJAY2 not working properly with IOS 7 and Pioneer controller topic.

Hi Joel,

Only the WeGO1 works with your iPad. You need a Camera Connection Kit, the DJc-WeCai Cable and a USB power adapter.


As far as I can tell, you can only use iPad’s with a lightning connection with the WeGo 2. But you should ask Pioneer directly to make sure.


You also need the Camera Connection Kit from Apple.

Hi, I had an iPad 3 on a wego 1 with the wecai cable! But at £25 it ain’t cheap.
After I bought it I found the equivalent on Amazon for ÂŁ5!
When and if you get one it probably won’t work and no one will have an answer and you’ll think you’ve blown a load of doe on a load of rubbish!
DONT DESPAIR! Up date the firmware on the wego and voila…

do u mean the WeGo2 doesn’t work with the Ipad2??
about the cables I know but I didn’t know the WeGo didn’t work
so you advice me to buy the Wego number1 right?

Help I really need an answer because I need to buy it till tomorrow and I cannot find anywhere answers…as if I can buy the Wego1 or the Wego2
thank u

And there is any 30-pin connector to lightning 8 connector adapter?

Ok :slight_smile: but how to connect the 30-pin connector to WeCai cable?