Why are no issues being addressed? Warren?

There are SEVERAL issues posted to the board and there has not been a single answer from you… The software is out and problems are being reported. You are not even answering anything that is posted?

This is the BIGGEST problem you have.

I think ALL would agree.

I “invested” $20 in Djay for Mac less than a week before they released Djay Pro and when I asked about a credit towards upgrading I was informed that Algoriddim was “unable to assist”. And I was pissed.
Fortunately the App store refunded my money.
I would like a simplified controller program that would facilitate dj’ing directly from my MBP and Djay Pro seems ideal except for the extremely poor management.
I totally empathize with djmagicmoments and can only assume that BillG is a shill for Algoriddim since he’s so “surprised” that others have strong feelings when they feel abused or taken for granted.

We come back to this forum to enlighten others. Glad you’re amused.



an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

Not sure why Yaren criticizes me for using the term to describe an individual who determinedly criticizes others for expressing their legitimate frustrations.

Oh well.

Hi Everyone,

I’m really sorry for the late reply. Please know that we are already looking into all issues that have been reported.

By the end of this day, all forum posts should be answered. If I miss anything, please bump up the thread by posting a new comment.

WHERE IS SUPPORT… no posts and no replies since djpro was released.

Makes NO sense…

This is ABSOLUTELY unbelievable… Not ONE response from support since idjay pro was released.

I am giving it 24 hours and then I am reporting this to Apple to potentially get a refund.

Completely unacceptable.

The problem is, Warren, this happens ALL THE TIME. Remember my post and picture about you laying on a beach… THAT is what the users feel.

The software has been out since December 18th and there have been NO UPDATES. VDJ has updated their software 4 times in that same stretch.

People don’t need to read “we’ll look into it”, they want an update.

There is NO TRUST with this software and the support!

Sorry, but I am done. This has been going on long enough.

I have officially request a refund for my purchase. I had such high hopes and waited SO long but having ZERO support for a brand new product for TWENTY DAYS… NOT ONE post from support for TWENTY DAYS is absolutely unacceptable.

Perhaps someday I will buy it again but not before a good trial run.

Nah, apple could care less.

It was very simple to request a refund. I am sure others will be doing the same.

So today, Warren and answering problems so that means by August, they MAY have an update.


Bill, we INVESTED money in this company. I am not happy about wasting money.

I use VDJ for most gigs but would have really liked a pro product from this company. No support for controllers is crazy. No proper search… These are basics.

There is NO support. Saying, “we will look into this” means that they could care less.

MARK MY WORD… It will be JUNE or JULY before they have any updates. And, the updates will be so minor, you won’t know what they did…

And still, after 22 days, NO NEW UPDATES.

It will be June or July when you see an update!

Refund has been received.

Now things will NEVER get done. No squeaky wheel anymore.

Matt, sad to say but they have no answer to the LED problem on controllers. They have no clue how to get them to turn on or off.

How a company gives a half-as*ed midi control option is beyond comprehension.

How are any of you surprised? Especially you magic. I remember you from the old website based forum. This company does not listen and does not support their desktop product. The Pro is a joke. They still don’t even support Pro controllers. How did you miss that? I know it looks nice, I too lover the simple yet attractive interface but it’s simply not a Pro product and the company is a POS. Warren is a BS man and nothing he says should be believed. They will not change. As I said you should know this mate the pattern has been clear for years. The only they’d get any money from me is if the remote were brought back and upgraded (it crashes constantly now). It was great for private parties. The idea anyone would actually use this in a pro setting a real head scratcher to me. The idea anyone with experience with the company would be surprised at the worlds worst support is just as shocking. Don’t believe a word they say is the only thing that works with them sadly.

People here should really stop with accusing others who disagree with them of being a shill for this company or that, it’s very unlikely to ever be true and really doesn’t help.

BillG, you might not have been around in the early years, but there is a very negative pattern with this company where the only to get any action or even response often was to force the issue by being harsh and causing a disruption on the forum. I remember one guy having to threaten to make YouTube videos against thrm being there was a response from someone, and on a serious issue. Utterly ridiculous and clueless customer response.

In fact I think that’s why they went to Get Satisfaction in the first place, easier to hide from your irate customers.

I for one also have Serato and VDJ, but for my purposes I’d really like this software to just get proper support. Not having native support for popular controllers is just beyond pathetic, eecislly now it’s so called pro.

I personally have no issues grilling them over a fire here if they are going to be dodgy like this and ignore their customers, any company that does this deserves to get taken to task. They took the money now they have to give a stuff in return.

It’s aleays the same with Warren, ‘sure we will get onto that / we will discuss that, bla bla bla’, then months, a year, two later…nothing. He says whatever to stop a complaint thread but nothing ever happens. Been like that since the start.

No offence intended mate, I’d just noticed in a few threads people say that this or that person is either associated with this company when defending them and other companies when supporting them. I was not ‘criticising’ you for criticising him but rather for suggesting he worked for algorithm, but going by your literal Interpretation of shill I’d take it back, I took it as suggesting he was working for them.

I agree that they’re not great with customer service and updates but I don’t understand why there are so many people up here complaining. Shouldn’t you just be moving on to Traktor or something else that may meet your particular needs better? If you don’t like the product or company, just go somewhere else and don’t buy from them.

I understand and I have frustrations too, but your total investment has to be well under $100. I’m just surprised that it’s worth the energy to come up here and bitch when you’ve moved on to different software. If you dislike the company so much I would think you wouldn’t bother coming back to their forums.