Why do I have the apply command disabled on Djay Pro AI version 3.1.12?

Why do I have the apply command disabled on Djay Pro AI version 3.1.12?

When I want to put the BPM of a song in half it doesn’t memorize it for me. The apply command is disabled. How can I solve?

I installed Djay Pro AI on a 2012 MacBook Pro 13.

The music is all stored in itunes on the internal disk.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion in this regard.

As far as I can tell, the ‘apply’ command is only lit up and available after you have done a manual tap to set the beat grid yourself. So it wouldn’t be present if you only click ‘half’ or ‘double’.

On my M1 MBP if I ‘half’ a tempo the software remembers that choice but ONLY until I click back into the tempo setting and it reverts back to the original, at which point I’d have to half it again.

If you half a track and don’t click back into the tempo setting Djay should remember your choice, mine does.

Either way, the apply button is only visible when you manually tap a track and not when you use the half or double buttons.


Sooteee thank you very much for your interest in my problem.

Unfortunately, even if you manually modify the grid, the apply button remains disabled.

As for the BPM, by reloading the track whose BPM or halved he displays the change he makes but not the change in the library. In the library it always appears with double BPM and not half. I just can’t understand why. This is likely to be a bug.

Thanks again for your advice.

I have related bug open the half/double bpms is messing up with the smart playlists:

But yeah… sometimes you need to edit the value manually to be totally wrong, then press apply and then try to edit it to correct half/double value back. Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it doesn’t.
And editing/moving the beatgrid might get the wrong double/half value back. What a mess.

Thanks for your information dj_romy_fi

I hope they fix these bugs with future updates as soon as possible.

Thanks again.

Hi @Sergio1,

Thanks for reporting these issues with the BPM editing that you’ve found. I’ll be happy to help with this, and thank you @sooteee and @dj_romy_fi for chiming in here as well.

As has been said, the Apply button in the BPM editor in djay Pro AI for Mac only becomes active when you’re using the Tap button to approximate the correct BPM. If you Halve or Double the BPM using those buttons, the BPM will automatically halve or double without need to tap Apply, and you’ll see this reflected on the Deck with the BPM changing there. If you use the manual box to type in a number, then you’d need to hit enter for that number to apply and for the BPM to change (which you’ll also see on the deck).

We have a known bug right now that also relates to the open bug report that @dj_romy_fi has reported and shared in his post on this thread. What happens is that after halving/doubling a song’s BPM, these new BPM values don’t update in the music library. We anticipate this bug being fixed very soon in an upcoming update, and I will of course keep this thread updated with news of that as well.

I hope this addresses the issues you’ve raised, and if I missed anything, please let me know.

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Thank you very much for answering me.

I will be waiting for a new update that fixes these problems.

Thanks again and good work.

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With this new version of djay Pro AI 3.1.13
have the bugs we talk about here been fixed?

Thanks for checking in about this. No, this update was primarily released to fix a bug that showed up for users using SoundCloud in djay.

But please stay tuned, as another update is coming up soon that will address these issues, and I’ll keep this thread updated when it’s available. :pray:

Thanks for the reply and clarification. I await the next update.

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This issue discussed in this thread was fixed in djay Pro AI for macOS with the latest update to version 4.0. Please go ahead and update your app, and feel free to reach out again with additional feedback or questions.

Thanks again for reporting this issue, and for your patience. :headphones:

Thank you very much for letting me know. I just downloaded the new version and the problem is solved. Congratulations to all of you for this new substantial update.

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