Why don't release the djay PRO for Windows?

What are your top picks for stable and suitable software, windows based?

Very well put Sean. :slight_smile:

I wish they would make it work with versions of windows 10 previous to build 1511(anniversary update).What is so special about that update that your software wont work with versions previous to it? Sadly 1511 breaks my computer… my native display resolution is 1600x900 and as of 1511 I can no longer select that. In fact the best it’ll give me is 1152x864… not even close to the same aspect ratio, essentially a sharp crisp square becomes a fuzzy rectangle on my screen. Everyone in the movies are short and fat.

So I have to use a previous version. I spent 8 hours last night trying workarounds, some of which were really bad ideas, installing drivers that weren’t for windows 10 (or even my hardware) and the like, and for my heartache I’m only stuck with a build newer than 1511 and looking at a broke display. Only fix for me now is a old system image I made as windows wont allow me to roll back to a build that works(for some infuriating reason), but it wont get me buying Djay Pro for my laptop. Ill have to save my money till I have a new laptop, but that is at least 2 years off as new laptops haven’t gotten much faster than mine yet(an early i7)

Makes since to you, but as a consumer, seems very restrictive. If I went and bought a computer that had windows ten installed on it but not the anniversary update, I would expect that to be good enough to run any software out there. I shouldn’t have to download a huge update, especially if I was let’s say somewhere where broadband was not an option, to run software. I would think “reverse compatibility” ( that’s a laughable term in this instance ) with the same operating system should be a given. I can understand not supporting windows 8 , 7 and all. In any case I realize there aren’t. Ton of people in my predicament and you guys have very little incentive to do something about it, but I am really curious as to what is so special about that build that you guys couldn’t have developed your app to work with all versions of windows 10?

Its pretty simple… the current OS is windows 10. That should be the cut-off. Why would you even suggest anything earlier than that? People with slow internet conections who can’t update can still buy a windows 10 PC that is not updated to latest build…maybe this is the new face of MS though, trying to be more restictive like apple. (If this is the way things are headed, I’m worried, all the bugs of MS AND a locked down OS that you cant fix anything on…)

I think it’s pretty obvious that things are going to stay the way they are, I am just curious as to why? As in, what specific feature relies so heavily on the anniversary update that all previous builds are garbage… but I wasnt asking you… I was wanting Anders to weigh in if he had a minute or two to spare. And if not a problem. Im not really into the whole online debate/trolling thing so, Dave, you can just consider it a rhetorical question.

We’re excited to announce djay Pro on Windows 10 with full Spotify integration!

We have just launched our beta program on the Windows Store and are accepting select beta testers to check out djay Pro for Windows. If you’re interested, please sign up here:

We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Can you tell us what happens when clicking on “Send Feedback”, e.g. is there any error message? Also please check if you have the “Feedback Hub” app installed on your PC (it should come pre-installed with Windows, but you can uninstall it). Thanks!

djay Pro for Windows was built from the ground up for Windows 10. We don’t have any plans for a version for previous Windows releases, but you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade for your PC:

The “Send Feedback” will be fixed with the next update. Also stability has been improved with the latest updates.

Jordan, did you try our latest updates (version 0.1.26012.0)? Would be great to know how that is working for you. Also please send specific feedback to beta@algoriddim.com so we can look into it. Thanks!

Seriously… ! You guys are worried about a PC Version of this software. They can’t even get the mac version right. Crashes, can’t save the interface when closing, etc…

Be careful what you wish for. This company makes their money from iPhone apps and tablet apps. Not from professional dj software. That is why there have been ZERO updates in the past two months. Meanwhile, Virtual DJ has updated 10 times since then.

There is NO urgency to make this product work well. NONE.

So sure, let them make a PC version only to have everyone light up the forums with problems that they don’t know how to fix… THAT is why you don’t have a PC version.

Nope. It’s been TWO months.

Laughable that you guys want a PC Version…

No update released as of yet but hopefully soon, since it was announced.

Again, I have NO problem with using a PC. I am not a supporter of the Mac/PC debate. I am one that believes you should use what you like.

What I have a problem with is that djay never updates on a regular basis. I would LOVE that they prove me wrong.

A PC version would be great… I only hope they GET IT RIGHT!

No one cares what you think Harley. It’s a MAC SOFTWARE! Quit crying!

You have two choices. 1. Buy a Mac and use the software. 2. Don’t buy a Mac and don’t use.

If that’s being a “fanboy”, then so be it.

More affordable? You want cheap or do you want good.

Good dj’s are not cheap and cheap dj’s are not good. It’s called an INVESTMENT.

If you are bedroom dj, don’t even bother.

Then ignore my posts…

It’s not about the money, it’s about not having do deal with the crap that PC users have to deal with.

If you can’t afford to use a Mac, then you are stuck with the software that is made for a PC. It’s that simple.

Nor do they talk about updates, improvements or how to fix the software…

So, if you have a problem, figure it out on your own.