Will we get to see Neural mix pro and Djay pro AI for windows?

It is important that this material reaches the windows platform, not all of us have a mac but we are willing to pay for that great content.

Hi @Stephen_Cuervo_Torre

Thank you for getting in touch and for your request for NM Pro and djay Pro AI on Windows.

We are aware of the user demand for the request and are glad that you pushed the topic.

It would be nice if other users can show their thoughts and feelings towards the request by upvoting the topic (therefore, I moved it to the Suggestions Section of the Community).
That way we get better feedback and can better track the communities desire.

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Nobody would say no to this :slight_smile:

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Hey Algoriggim Team!
Any news on this topic? Desperately waiting for the Windows Version.

BTW: Voting for this software in this forum is nonsense, as it reflects only a very minor part of the real need outside of this forum. I only signed up because Iā€™m frustrated to see that you guys ignore 90% of the world wide market - including me :smiley: :roll_eyes:

Would love to be able to upgrade from Djay Pro to AI on a windows machine

I was in the fortunate position of being able to buy a Mac Mini recently, and while it is very quick and lovely to look at - I hate it. I have used windows for about 20 odd years, and trying to find files, load programs and just about every other generic task on a Mac is completely alien to me.

If I could get this cracking little DJ software on Windows I would sell the Mac in a heartbeat.