Won't let me load a track because it says it's in the cloud but it's not.

djay for iOS is not letting me play songs in iCloud. The songs songs I’m choosing aren’t in iCloud though. Very frustrating and a waste of my money. When I try to load a song, it says, “Cannot access track because it’s either stored in iCloud or DRM protected. To load a track from iCloud, please download it first in the music app by tapping the iCloud icon next to the track.” I don’t use iCloud and all my tracks are downloaded. There is no iCloud icon next to any of my songs. Why is it doing this? How do I fix it? djay for iOS 6.0.1 on iPad 3gen.

I cannot play any songs that are downloaded from the cloud on my iPad with Djay or Djay 2.

All my music is from iTunes match. I select to download it from the cloud to my device and it still won’t play in dJay or dJay2 (both iPhone and iPad versions).

Are iTunes Match songs DRM protected?

Hi Warren
How about me? I posted here way before Ben
I am on iOS 7.0.2. Using both an iPad 3 and and iPhone 5.

Yes. I am using iTunes Match.

I’ve been having this same issue for some months now and have ben perplexed as to the cause. I believe Jeroen has it exactly right. Lets get this fixed.

Warren, any update on this issue?

Warren, any update on the Album Only issue? I still am unable to use these songs in the application, and syncing via iTunes rather than direct download does not work.


Just recapitulating from my email conversation with Noah:

  • Songs were not “album only” -> that’s a different issue.
  • I tested the file on my iPad and was able to load/play it properly.
  • It seems as though there might be an issue with downloaded iTunes Store songs on iOS.

Please try syncing the songs via iTunes on your Mac/PC instead of downloading them directly on the iPad/iPhone.

Hi Gilles,

DRM-protected songs are not supported with djay for iPad. This is a technical limitation imposed by the DRM format itself and is not a bug that can be fixed.

The issue this topic is referring to is when your songs are mistakenly regarded as DRM-protected.

By the way, since iOS 6.1, you can now delete and re-download singular songs.

If a song is not working, you can try deleting and re-downloading it via iTunes Match first.

Sorry, I thought I already posted this here:

“Album only” songs seem to have a .m4p file extension -> same as DRM-protected songs.

A workaround is to convert these songs to a different format using iTunes.

Hi Ben, which iOS version do you have? Are you using iTunes Match?

Oh sorry about that. Are you using iTunes Match? And by the way, as far as I know, subscribing to iTunes Match removes the DRM-protection from your songs.

Have you tried deleting and re-downloading your songs via the Music app?
Swipe your finger on a song and hit “Delete”. Then tap the cloud icon to re-download the song.

Hi Dave,

Are the songs really DRM-protected?

As you can see in the article regarding iCloud songs, we explicitly state that you do need to download the songs to your device before you can use them with djay.

Also, please note that the message says that it’s either DRM-protected OR in the cloud, as djay has no way to distinguish between the two errors. djay simply can’t access the file in either case.

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, if you do have DRM-protected tracks, please note that this file format simply isn’t supported due to the restrictions by the file format itself. It’s not due to a bug or a flaw in the software.

Just got a new ipad and having the same issue. Various songs on my ipad are listed as ‘drm protected or in the cloud’ but are NOT.

Some are itunes purchases and some are ripped from my original vinyl and/or CDs. I’ll do more checks but at first glance seems a random selection…