Working out new transition with djay

Hi all.

I’m trying to figure out how to do this transition with djay. Any ideas?


For those wondering what “new transition”, “this transition” and “INSANE DJ Trick” actually refers to, it’s a 3/4 FX setting, as a way of jumping between drastically different tempos.

This can be done by (not surprisingly) choosing a 3/4 setting from one of the suitable FX in DJay.

Thanks for your input. The reason that I’m asking is because I have looked at the 3/4 Effects in the app and none of them seem to do what is needed. But I could be wrong. So I’m opening up a discussion if anybody is interested in helping.

Before I posted, I did the same thing - and I found one. The solution is there if you look for it.

Soooo. You’re gonna make me work for it ? lol.

Think back to your days at school. Would the teachers just tell you the answer, or would they help you to find it yourself? :+1:

Yeah, OK fair enough.

The closest thing I can find is echo out + . But it doesn’t repeat indefinitely. Did you find one better?

Well no, but it’s a transition. It doesn’t need to last forever.

Vote here: 3/4 loop like on cdjs

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ok cool. so there is a 3/4 loop hidden that can be midi mapped.

You could also try using the onscreen Pad Loops with built-in HP/LP filter. It will probably take some practice to hit the 3/4 perfectly, but might be worth experimenting with.

Same goes for the Echo Pad FX. This doesn’t show the the 1, 1/2, 1/4 Echo locations so it might be harder to figure out the right spot for the 3/4 Echo.

Last, but not least, you can set a 3/4 Echo in the Manual FX.

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Thanks for all the info that last one is a bit short but the echo plus is better and it would be even better to have the effect just as long as I wanted.

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