XDJ 1000 HID mode problems

I’m trying to use my XDJ 1000 MkIIs in HID mode and struggling. The website says these units are supported in “Native Mode” and there is a video of a chap setting it all up (albeit with CDJ 3000s).

I have the XDJs plugged into a DJM S7 mixer (using as hub) and the mixer plugged into a Mac. Rekordbox works fine with this configuration. However, when I start up DJay Pro it doesn’t trigger a connection on the decks like it should.

Anyone done this? The documentation is terrible.

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this is a problem since years and there is also a topic in the old forum.

I assume that it is a problem with the license agreement between algoriddim and pioneer and the xdj mk 2 isn’t part of this license agreement and nobody cares about including this model