Xdj 1000 mk 2

Will it Be supported native in the Future ? Looking to buy one.

I would love to see native support for the 1000 mk2. I really like your software but I’m sad it’s missing this feature.


It’s been over a year since the mk2 were released.

Please prioritize support for this now!

The app store says: ‘• Native support for Pioneer CDJ and XDJ lineup’

Which is clearly not true as the XDJ-1000 mk1 isn’t part of the lineup anymore but the mk2 is.

At least change the copy in the app store and on your website.

Another person asking for MK2 support please!

Hi djtwok,

thank you for sharing. I added the XDJ 1000 mk2 to our user request list. Would be great if other users share their thoughts and push the topic.

Lukas E.

Hey Ravi,

the XDJ 1000 mk 2 is on our user request list. 
It would be great if you and other users push the topic.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for pushing the topic, the player is on our list :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

I got xdj-rx and xdj-1000 mk2… go for it we are waiting! I love DJay pro but with a trackpad it suck lol

I got rid of the rx… still waiting for the 1000 mk2 to have support, wedding season start pretty soon and I would love to work with djay pro!

Hey Lukas

I have paid top dollars for your software and sad to see you guys are still working on supporting XDJ 1000 mk2. Can we get you to roll this out asap? I am using the XDJ 1000 mk2 like a sound card

I’d like native support too… /John

Please support XDJ 1000 mk2! Would be awesome


Hi Lukas, is there an update on this? I bought the MK2 and am in need of native support!

WTF I just bought XDJ-1000 MK2s expecting compatibility. Your website makes such a big deal about compatibility with XDJ-1000!!!


Please help!!

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Need this too


Has anyone tried to map their xdj 1000mk2 manually with the Djay Pro midi learn feature in the software?

I have just bought a pair of XDJ 1000mk2 as I was sure it was going to be supported…PLEASE can you give us an update? Can’t get why is the only Pioneer CD/XDJ not supported