XDJ-XZ Native Support

This question was asked previously on April 27th and was answered incorrectly. So I am posting it again.

When will the XDJ-XZ be natively supported by Djay Pro?

Currenty (as of 8-11-20) it is NOT, despite what the other post claims. I have this board and it does not work.

the XDJ-XZ is also NOT in the official list of natively supported controllers and the closest thing I have been able to find is a very rudimentary midi mapping that really doesn’t work well at all, nothing worth really using anyway.

So - I pose the question once more - when will this controller be NATIVELY supported? i.e. plug and play, like most of the other Pioneer products. This platform (waveforms on jogwheels, etc) is the direction that Pioneer is moving. So to not support this piece of hardware is really an oversight.

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Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community.

I added your vote to our issue tracking system for the request of providing a native mapping for the XDJ-XZ. It would be great if other users share their feedback and add supplemental likes in order to push the topic.


I second this. Havent used djaypro since i got the XZ. And i will not until Its supported. Its the flagship!!


Hey there, I am also waiting for the mapping for XDJ-XZ. As I have mapped the XDJ-RX2 by myself, I have also tried to map the XDJ-XZ but unfortunately it was not possible. PLEASE help us. I like your software but I cannot understand why the mapping usually takes so much time.
Thank you so much and best regards,

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I’d also like the mapping. I just got the xz and was sad it’s not mapped. I’d love to be scooter to use djay pro still. Please map! Thanks.

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Please release the XDJ-XZ mapping…


Hi I Just waited x4months for delivery of my XDJ-XZ. I’d seen a previous thread where it was said to be natively supported (that by an Algoriddim staffer) very disappointed it’s still not there. Come on guys it’s been available over a year now. Even the bods over at Serato got it sussed quickly and released around Jan 2020. I genuinely think DJay is the best, but you’re losing by not supporting us users. I had the SB3 before which worked perfectly and now I upgraded I’m forced to use Rekordbox guys. Please we need this like yesterday.
DJ Dan Singh (UK)


Bumping this up again as it’s now November and still no word on mapping. I understand that the XZ has full integration with Serato and Rekordbox, but y’all shouldn’t sell yourself short on Djay Pro 2’s worth to this controller. You have the best and preferred program for many DJs, but your program can’t be used on this controller as is and is seemingly impossible to program yourself.

Please, as a previously avid user of Djay Pro, I’m humbly requesting you add mapping for this controller and I’ll gladly start using it again.

Thank you for hearing my request!


Agree with all requests above. Please please please map the XDJ-XZ!!! Unsure why the XZ would be omitted from the list of 35+ supported pioneer controllers. Keeping my fingers crossed…


Oh hello…
Now i think about to switch from Serato DJ Pro to rekordbox and now to djay.

djay works really fine on both platforms >> macOS and iOS / iPadOS.
But now i was shocked to find out, there is no implementation for Pioneers XDJ-XZ available… :scream:

I would like to join the thread and ask for implementation / useful and full coverage mapping for XDJ-XZ in the next time.

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Now xdj xz is not even working with rekordbox on latest catalina. I feel like made a biggest mistake buying this trash XZ. Totally dependent on djay pro now :+1:

Try looking closer at the security features for Catalina and see if something is preventing It from working with Catalina. There’s a lot of new security crap in Catalina that might be causing the issue. Big Sur is definitely a no go at this point since it is too new. But Catalina has been approved to work with both. I have Catalina and both softwares work on my system just fine. Mac OS 10.15.7.

Worst case. If all else fails then just remove and reinstall it. That worked for me when Rekordbox seemed to have a sluggishness issue.

Good luck!

Hi Lukas, is there anything intrinsic to the XZ that is preventing the native support?

Be great to know if this is being considered. It does seem a strange omission as XZ is the flagship all-in-one.


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