Xone:K2 LED mapping problem

Hi There,

I have a pretty funny problem with mapping LEDs on my K2 which I do not really understand:

The K2 has knobs for each channel that I use for EQ. It also has buttons below each of these knobs that I use for Kill EQ. The Buttons for Kill EQ are set to Midi out as well to light up whenever Kill EQ is engaged, without any special configuration, so e.g. for Kill Low EQ button on Deck 1:

Target: Deck 1
Action: Kill Low EQ
Type: Button
Mode: Default

MIDI Out enabled with Advanced configuration unchanged

This works perfectly, so pressing the button lowers EQ to -100%, pressing it again resets it to last value and the LED of the button lights up and turns of accordingly. But this only works when the last value was 0% because the LED also lights up whenever I move the Low EQ knob slightly away from 0% no matter in what direction. It turns off again when I move the EQ knob back to exactly 0%

The configuration of the Low EQ knob is also pretty default with only Pick up Mode enabled, but the behaviour is the same when Pickup Mode is disabled.

This is for iOS version 4.1.4

I am not sure whether this may be a bug or if I had missed something myself, so some assistance is very much appreciated :wink:

Thanks a lot, Ben

Hey @Ben_Hell ,

Thank you for writing about this here in the Community :slight_smile:

To confirm, what exact iOS device have you experienced this with? and what exact iOS version?

Once you let me know, I’ll transfer this information to our Dev Team, so we can assess if there’s an issue with the mapping or if there’s anything we can suggest you to make it work.



It is a 3rd generation iPad Pro (MTEM2FD/A) running iPadOS 16.3

Thanks a lot,


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