2 Band EQ option for Reloop Buddy

The Reloop Buddy is a very nice small controller from Reloop, and I think they did a fantastic job with something so portable.

One issue, though, is the lack of a 2 band EQ option in Djay Pro. Right now we have the Hi and Low EQ knobs mapped to the respective EQ functions, but because there isn’t a 2-band EQ option, the Mid will always be neutral, which stays flat all the time and can’t be killed.

It doesn’t make sense when you consider this is an official supported controller.

That’s a big point I don’t like about the buddy. I don’t think it’s a lag of djay it’s more a miss construction of the buddy. I wish they had implemented the 3 band eq on the buddy😤. I don’t own one of because of this. But there might be a way around for you. You could try it and report if you like this option or if it is a big downside for you.

You could map the gain knob of the body to the high, the high knob to the mid frequency

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Hi Sascha — I can deal just fine with 2-band EQs, it doesn’t limit me. It’s only an issue when you want to do kills.

The issue is that the software needs to support it, so instead of having Hi-Mid-Low mappable controls (as it is right now), you could have an option to Hi+MidHi-Low+MidLow.

It’s kinda like in Traktor where you can choose 3 or 4 band EQs.

(In Djay’s case it’s easier since it’s only about hiding the Mid sliders throughout the UI — Implementing 4-band would be a bit more work.)

About your suggestion: yes, we can remap things, but there are two caveats:

  • Midi mapping in iOS requires the Pro subscription (I’m using this as a secondary, bar/party controller, I have a Roland 707m for professional use but it won’t work with iOS)

  • There’s no gain/trim knob (!), but you have a Filter one. I much rather have 2-band + Filter than a regular 3-band EQ with no filter, as the controller was designed for, but then we had this issue.

This was mentioned by Phil Morse’s review in Digital DJ Tips:
Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 16.37.18

Unfortunately mine was already shipped when this review came out, and I won’t be a prick to the reseller and have it returned.

There’s also another related issue which, to me, it’s a bit non-sense too: EQ resets when switching to Neural mode - #4 by dwardo

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Other than that a “funtastic” controller, super tight and well done, and smashes many other options in the same range. Reloop did some excellent design choices here, they’ve learned a lot from the Mixon 4 and this controller shows. A possible sequel to Mixon 4 looks super promising.


An upgrade to the Mixon 4 with an Aux-in input and native controllers for Neural Mix would be a great move by Reloop - I bet they would sell loads.


You’re right, to save the problem I just map the “High” knob to control the “Mid” eq and on the preferences “Mixer panel” choose Isolator instead of Classic… in this way you can kill almost all the frequencies left just a tiny HiHat sound udibile (that you can kill turning the Filter knob a bit on the right)… I think this workaround could be a good compromise for a tiny controller.

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I think everything would be easier if more functions could be mapped to one MIDI command. The same is true for FX parameter control where you control FX1 parameters on two sides at the same time.

If anyone is interested, l re mapped the Buddy to allow for 3 band Eq which utilisers the Filter knob for the low and shift and filer activates the filter effect…

I finally solved the 3-band EQ by duplicating the CC 23 commands where I set the mid and high ranges with the high knob. I modified the rottary loop knobs (CC 33) where by combining shift + loop rotary knob I set the Skip (rotary) function to move the loop. Then shift + Cue (Note-F1) to Jump to beginning song. Shift + pushing loop rotary knoob (Note A # 1) on Reloop / Loop Off

Hi Gents. Another option is to use the neural mix which out of the box uses the filter knob as drums, mids as instrumentals and highs as vocals. Works like a charm. Quickly enable it by using shift + headphone cue for each deck. Holding shift shows if you have it enabled or disabled for each deck.

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This is another reason why I chose the Ready over the Buddy. I remapped it so the Gain controls High, High controls Mids. Plus it’s don’t lose my Filters.