Accessing my playlist on iPad after creating it with iPhone

Hello everyone. I have just spent hours creating a few playlists for a gig that I have next week using my iPhone.

All the music I am using is stored on my iCloud Drive.

I am trying to locate this playlist on my iPad. That is also connected to the same account and has access to the very same iCloud drive.

Is there any way to access this playlist or do I have to start the whole process of re-creating it again? I am really hoping and praying that the latter is not correct. It seriously took hours to curate this set

If it cannot be done, has anyone got a fix of somehow getting this across

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@Djdash I actually just covered this a few days ago in another thread. This should get you sorted:


Thanks for this I actually thought about this idea, but never implemented. Can you tell me, the entire folder or just the latest file?

@Djdash all you need is the latest djay Media Library file.

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Hi there. Thanks for your help. I took the folder labelled 2023/07/03 which is the latest back up, took that folder, copied it to iCloud, then imported it into the iPad.

Restarted the application and still nothing. I then decided to click on the actual file and see what happens. It opens the application but gives an error saying cannot find track and some random numbers which I didn’t pay attention to. What am I doing wrong here?


  1. NO, you want the “djay Media Library” file. NOT the backup folder.
  2. When you copy it from your iPhone to your iPad you want to over write it. Otherwise djay will be still reference the original file.
  3. Also, as I mentioned in the detailed post, you should backup these files before doing this in case you make a mistake.

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You are just a genius. Thank you so much seem to have got most of it correct however, even though I have copied all of the tracks over to the iPad I come up with this can you offer some assistance?

You’re welcome @Djdash.

  1. Are these tracks that are stored on your devices or from streaming services?
  2. If stored on your devices, how did you load them? Via iTunes/Music app?

Essentially, the tracks on your iPad need to be in the exact same location as on your phone, otherwise djay doesn’t know where to look. So whatever method you used to put them on your phone, you need to duplicate it exactly on the iPad.

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I am actually a little bit of an idiot. Some of the tracks were in different folders on iCloud. Once I copy the folders across, I think that will sort the problem out.

It will be nice if the developers could create a system with a complete sync with iCloud.

Thanks again for helping me out with this.

You’re welcome. I’ve been asking for this for 3 years now, so who knows. Feel free to go cast your vote for this feature if you haven’t already.

All sorted thank you again. I think this is ridiculous though as any change I make on the iPhone which is the easiest way to create a playlist will have to be done on the iPad.

I really hope they will look in to this

You’re welcome. Yeah it’s annoying for sure. Thankfully there’s a work around. I’ve pretty much stopped doing any prep work on my iPhone and do everything on the iPad as a result. I’ve also simply removed the MacBook from my workflow. I basically just use the iPhone as a backup for my gigs now.

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I really hope this thread gets the attention of the developers. We are loyal customers to Djay pro. Out of interest, will the same thing work, transferring the media library from the iPad/iPhone to the MacBook? After the introduction of M1/m2 in theory, it should work?

As do I. Yes, this does work going from iOS to MacOS and in reverse. Just run a search on your Mac for the “djay Media Library” file to determine its location.

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Thanks mate. Highly appreciated. Do you think it would be better to send the team of former email requesting the update and our concerns as they do not seem to worry about this on the forum

You’re welcome @Djdash. Certainly doesn’t hurt to make a little more noise…

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