Can’t see my playlist on other devices

I have created some playlists on djayAIPro on my iPad. However, when I open the software on my iPhone or other devices, the playlists do not appear on the other devices.
I would’ve thought they would’ve shared through the cloud I cannot see a setting to make all the devices synchronise with each other
Any advice would be appreciated Thank you, Scott
Thank you Scott how are you

@Retroroadshow this is currently not part of the iCloud sync process. You can cast your vote to have this feature added over here:

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@Retroroadshow thankfully, there is a way to do this manually by copying the djay Media Library file from one device to another. First I recommend that you backup both of your devices. Also this is not an official Algoriddim solution so use at your own risk.

  1. Using the Files app on your iPad, navigate to Locations->On My iPad->djay->User Data
  2. Copy the djay Media Library file to a location in your iCloud Drive.
  3. Navigate to the same file in iCloud via your iPhone and copy it into the same folder on your iPhone.
  4. NOTE: If you want to be extra careful, you can make a copy of the djay Media Library file on your iPhone first and store it somewhere else. Then you can revert back to the original if necessary.
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