Adding comments to tracks directly on DJPro for macOS

I am not sure if I don’t know how, but would be nice to be able to add comments for each track directly on DJ Pro, just like it is possible with Serato.

Thank you for getting in touch. At the moment comments of iTunes tracks are only editable in iTunes. We are aware of this undertake and pushed the topic internally.

What about comments on Tidal? This is something that Serato enables

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Metadata editing is something we are looking into. Please push the topic by voting and sharing your thoughts.

+1 for me. In a brief dalliance with Serato the ‘comments’ seemed quite useful for writing down a few notes on a track if it needed it.

BpmDJ ( also has tags which were really useful, so for example I might tag Phuture - Acid Tracks as [“acid”, “house”, “techno”]. This would then show up if I searched for “house”, “techno”, “acid house”, or “acid techno”, along with a load of other tracks which are in a similar area. It’s a bit of effort to begin with (a bit like prepping tracks in single deck mode really), but it makes handling a big library really easy in the long run