Akai AMX sound through mixer on iOS Djay Pro AI 4 -- how?

You can still try it out now. Just plug the amx alone into the camera adapter just make sure you have the 3amp charger plugged in. That way you can see if the cabling is good.

If it doesn’t work this way then it won’t matter if you get a powered hub.

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Hey, I’m still not getting sound the way I assume it works for you guys. It’s extremely random somehow. And frustrating. And as mentioned I sometimes get distorted sounds with lots of input lag, then after a few tries with shutting everything off and on (always with the same procedure, the one you suggested) I can get lucky and get sound as it is supposed to work.

I sometimes have a feeling it has to do with the volume buttons on the iPad or iPhone, as you also mentioned earlier in the thread, but I haven’t found a method that works every time. And sometimes when I flip on “iPad Internal Sound” in the sound settings I do not get sound from the iPad speakers as it is supposed to but instead via the AMX and it works as I want it to be (that’s just totally crazy, the AMX is not even selected). It is just all super weird. I just wish Algoriddim would look at it and add it as a supported device. I’d be willing to send them my AMX for a month or two if they’d promise to look at it. :smiley:

I have even completely reinstalled both iOS on the iPhone and iPadOS on the iPad to exclude the possibility of an operating system error.

My current power situation is really stable so it can’t be that (thanks for your tips!).

My own conclusions are that it’s either my AMX or the Apple camera/USB adapter is not really working. I’ll ask around among friends for another adapter to test with. I do not get that blue icon on neither the iPhone or iPad which is suspicious. Or there is something incompatible in Djay software wise. It could also be that I have an different AMX production date/version than yours and that it behaves different because of that.

I’ll try some more and maybe I’ll find a way but it is definitely not a setup that I can rely on to work each time which is sad because I kind of love this setup and wish I could use it on a regular, now I think I’ll have to let my Djay subscription end once again. :cry:

Check your usb cable. I use a printer cable without the ferrite as you can see in my pics. This is the only thing left to troubleshoot. Other than that I can’t think of anything else.

Can you share a pic of the setup you’re trying to work with?
And can you share a screenshot of the audio settings?

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Your patience with me is amazing, haha. Kudos!

Here is my basic setup:

Red arrow: AMX out → powered USB hub in.
Green arrow: Powered USB hub out → Original Apple Lightning Adapter in.
Blue arrow: Power for the USB hub (60W 12V/5A). (*)
White arrow: Power for the Apple Lightning Adapter (with original Apple cable going to 10W iPad Charger).

  • I have tried 8 different USB cables from which 3 are completely new only for this. Ferrite and non-ferrite.
  • I have tried with two different USB hubs of which this has the most power. I have also tried with a 3A powerbank with no other result.
  • I have tried with different iPhone charging cables and different power bricks (also stronger than this one).
  • I have tried with two different sound systems/stereos, they work as normal.
  • I have connected this AMX to my Macbook with Serato and it works 100% normal.
  • (*) If I just connect the AMX directly into the Apple Lightning Adapter I have the exact same sound problem in Djay.
  • I have noticed that each time I plug in the AMX I get a loud crackling noise through the speakers, but I guess that’s normal…
  • Djay always identifies the AMX immediately and when I have the MIDI mapping loaded I can control everything fine.
  • The EQ LEDs display sound is there (as can be seen on the photo as well) thanks to the mapping from DJTT you suggested but usually no sound is to be heard - unless I am lucky and it just works which is like 10% of the time and that usually takes 10-15 retries.
  • If I switch to internal device sound it always starts playing from the iPhone/iPad speakers just fine. And as I have mentioned it has occasionally happened that when I switch to internal iPhone/iPad speaker sound, the AMX takes over the sound and it starts working in this mode instead, which just feels like a software bug (but a pleasant one for me). If I am ever able to screen record this I will share it.

And here are my settings (same on iPhone and iPad):

I made a video to demo how it works for me when setting up from scratch. I’m gonna put it in a zip file to post here if possible or I can send it to you via pm or email it to you if you want.

Sometimes when I open the app I also get no sound but when I move a few knobs around it works.

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That’s great, a PM would be good if you prefer it not to be public. If it’s a large file you could also post it to YouTube and make it “unlisted” to get a private link. Cheers.

Confirmed these mappings work
Ipad Pro 11 3rd Gen
Several random USB C hubs all worked
Also used direct USB C to A cable* works

  • This option has experiences latency
    For all these options DJAY has to be already open and the last item to plug is the hub or USB cable
    If you close DJAY you must remove USB cable/hub and re-insert once DJAY is open again
    Again: the last item plugged into the ipad is the USB cable/hub
    Good luck!
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Was living dream of having a portable setup with AMX and Djay for a few days but then… just a warning for folks messing with this… I accidentally sent too much power to my AMX by turning up the voltage on the power adapter and now it’s dead… it turns on but doesn’t read anymore as a usb/midi device. anyone want one for spare parts?

Oh no, that’s horrible. Sorry to hear that. What kind of power did you feed it with? Why did you increase the voltage if it was working?

I meant I had it working in a few different configurations, but then I was experimenting with using it with an iPad and thought it wasn’t getting enough power to work. I just used a power adapter with a voltage dial. It’s ok, it was a dumb learning.

So I bought another AMX. I put a hub and powered it, connected to a lightning port to a iPad or iPhone. The midi seems to work fine and I see the light meters working. But no audio is coming from the channel even though it’s selected within DJay on either the master or the pre-cue. Anyone know what’s going on? Maybe the same issue as Tessel? What knobs do you move around Wyley

Hi @djpandasonic,

  1. Try turning Bluetooth Off on your iPhone/iPad

  2. Also, open Control Center on your iPhone/iPad by swiping down from the top right of your screen, select the Speaker icon and make sure your AMX is selected.

Thanks for the advice @Slak_Jaw. With bluetooth off and selecting AMX, the sound still does not route to the device. What’s odd too is if I select play sound through iPad, that doesn’t work either. And when I attach something through the aux, that does not play audio either even with the setting showing it’s connected to “headphones.” It’s like DJAY just doesn’t play any audio when it’s reading a USB audio device or something. I’m starting to think this is a new issue, because I swear I had my controller and a DVS turntable connected working at some point, I’ll have to dig up my video of it.

Hmm… :thinking: are you experiencing the same issue when using your iPad and iPhone? I wonder if you damaged the iPad when you fried the last AMX.

@djpandasonic, can you please share screenshots of your djay Settings>Audio Devices and Settings>MIDI Devices?

Also, it might be worth considering backing up your iPad (including your djaymedialibrary database file), then uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of djay.

Hello, I am back. I have followed your discussion here.

Sadly, I pretty much gave up on AMX + Djay. I can’t get it to work properly after trying ALL the tips you have given us, multiple times. Also the complete reinstall tips. I appreciate all the help in this thread though.

I have a feeling it might have to do with different hardware/firmware versions of the AMX, which would explain why some people have issues and some not. Even if I can manage to get sound sometimes, it’s hacky and not stable as it should be.

Too bad that Algoriddim does not officially add support for this beast, I know it’s legacy now but it is such an amazing device and together with AFX it’s just unbeatable. I can’t express enough how I love the AMX. But currently I can only really use it as intended with Serato. I want to move to Djay since DVS compatibility came but to do that I think I will have to buy a whole other setup.

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You’re welcome @Tessel. Sorry you weren’t able to get it working consistently. Thanks for the additional information.

If it’s any help, AMX works fine with DJay on my MacBook and seems stable. I’m only having issues with it on iPad and iPhone. Last year it worked fine on those devices, but this year I’m having a problem where the audio isn’t playing through the device at all.

try it again. open the app last once everything is connected. max out the volume levels.

Thanks for the advice. As much as I move the dials and disconnect and reconnect, the sound seems to not go out the iPhone when connected to the AMX. All I have is midi control. Interesting though that the DVS is recognized, so the sound seems to travel from the AMX to the iPhone, but I’m not getting it the other way around.