Apple Music Playlists not appearing in djay pro

I have just imported a set of Spotify Playlists into Apple Music using Songshift - those playlists are all visible in Apple Music on my Mac and the songs in them play fine. But in the djay app I just get a set of empty playlists - apart from one playlist that does work that was shared by a friend. I have tried restarting Apple Music, restarting djay, refreshing the library from djay, logging out of Apple Music account in djay and then back in again, and restarting whole mac, but makes no difference. I just tried creating a new playlist in Apple Music and adding a song to that but that did not show up either.

So what shows in the Apple Music tab in djay is:

  • Songs
  • Recently added
  • A playlist Icon with no name
  • that is repeated another 8 times
  • The playlist shared to my Apple Music by a friend that does work

Here is a screenshot of the top of the list:

What should be appearing is 31 playlists plus the one shared to me. I’m not allowed to add another screenshot :frowning:

Macbook Pro M1
macOS 14.1.2
djay 5.1.7
No hardware controllers

Here is a screenshot of the Apple Music App:

I tried adding a new playlist in djay and that appeared in the djay list - it also appeared in Apple Music fine and I added a song to it from there - but when I refreshed the library in djay the new playlist disappeared from the djay app.

Now having tried messing around with adding a few new folders and playlists there are now just two empty playlists listed in the djay app, plus the one shared playlist that works.

I also started up the iOS djay app and linked to Apple Music - it shows the same two empty playlists and the one shared playlist that works - so the djay apps are consistently not handling the Apple Music playlists correctly.

Hi @seast,

Thanks for sharing this issue with our community. I’m sorry to see you’ve been experiencing this unexpected behavior with Apple Music tracks.

We’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our engineering team for further investigation and will share an update once it has been received.

Have a nice day!

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