Beat Grid Reset

Hey Team,
Djay resets the Beat Grid when the user opens the BPM Pop up Window when mixing is triggered.
I can send you the songs via email, please let me know.
This has been a pain for me for quite sometime, Finally found the Glitch!

Djay Ai V. 3.8.1
iPhone 12
iPad Pro 3rd Gen
iOS 15.0.2

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Have you read the manual page 61?

Well actually it’s a little bit misleading…

1, Manual adjust: If you know the correct BPM, type it in after tapping the EDIT pencil
icon and hitting ENTER.
2. Half/Double BPM: Use these buttons if you find the BPM is half or double the correct
3. Tap: You can approximate the correct BPM by using the Tap button. While the track is
playing, tap the Tap button in time with the beat until a BPM reading displays.

Once you’ve adjusted the BPM, you can tap Apply to save, or Restore to go back to
previous settings.

What it doesn’t say is that “Half/Double” is kind of temporary, even if you Apply to save, it really doesn’t save it into the database.

Only way to permanently edit the value is to do
Use the EDIT pencil icon and hitting ENTER.
and then APPLY once or twice…

thanks for this tip but it’s really a pity that the double/half is not saved and also is not synched between devices :frowning:

True. It won’t cloud between devices.
BUT! If you edit the BPM of a song reload the song and Djay will overwrite it’s own analysts.

In the video, you didn’t use the pen tool?
Try it with that, ie. you need to put cursor to the BPM field and then press ENTER & APPLY, that should work.

Hey Romy,
Thanks for the advice.
This video is to show how Djay resets the BPMs.
The issue is that Djay will not leave My edit, and go back to it’s original analyst.

Hey Team,
Just a reminder here when you have time.

Hi @LaidbackFred,

Thanks for reporting this issue and for sharing the video to make it clear what you’re experiencing.

So we can get a full picture of why this might be happening, could you also share a screenshot of your Automix settings when this occurs? The reason for this is that when you trigger an automatic transition, djay uses the Automix Mix settings. I’d like to see if I can reproduce the issue based on your current app settings.

Thanks in advance for your help troubleshooting this!

Hi Emily,
Here is a screenshot of my settings.
I’d rather use the Morph setting, but that is another issue. Hope you can find out the issue.

Thanks for sharing your exact Automix settings. I was able to reproduce the behavior now and I’ve sent all of this information to our Development Team for further investigation. I’ll keep you updated here when I have news about this.

Thanks in advance for your patience while we look into this.


Thanks Emily,
For the record. This has happened again .
Automix was not active when this one happened.
Thank you

Hi @LaidbackFred, Thanks for the update. Could you please tell me more about this occurrence when Automix wasn’t active? Do you mean that you didn’t use the Automatic transition option (i.e., tap the right or left facing arrows on the sides of the crossfader), and this still occurred? If you’re able to reproduce it again, please share a video of the steps leading up to the reset without using that Automix transition.

Thanks again for your help in troubleshooting this!

Hello Emily,
The exact same as the video, when opening the BPM pop up window.
Wether or not Automix is active.
Pop up box is used due to the fact that double tapping the BPM reset (blue🎵) doesn’t always work. So the habit of opening the BPM pop up window is always used after the transition to reset to 0%.

  • I don’t Double tap because of issue number 2 on the reply below.
  • I can’t use the Morph setting due to its Mixing ability sent to your team via email ticket # 144351. Titled Morph vs. Sync.

Issue number 2 is the reason I open the BPM pop up window often.

Hi @LaidbackFred,

Thanks for your patience while our team is looking into these issues. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to lay out the issues you’ve brought up so far individually here, and gather additional information about each one, so that our team can better tackle these and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

  1. The BPM reset in the pop-up window:

For this issue, I was able to reproduce it one time as I told you, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it again since and no one in our team has been able to do so either. For this reason, could you please tell me the following:

  • Are you able to consistently reproduce this issue?

  • If yes, does this only happen with specific tracks, or does it seem to happen randomly with all tracks? If only certain tracks, then I’d ask you to please send over the tracks themselves here.

  • Could you please tell me exactly step-by-step how you’re reliably reproducing the issue?

  1. Double-tapping the BPM reset (blue musical note) doesn’t always work.

For this issue, I’d like to first make sure that you’re double-tapping the tempo slider to reset it rather than the blue musical note (key lock icon). If this is what you’re doing, and it’s not working as expected, it would be really helpful to either get a step-by-step description of when this doesn’t work, or if you could send a video showing this issue and also drop it here, that would allow us to reproduce the issue in order to find a solution.

  1. The Morph Automix setting not mixing as expected from ticket #144351.

Thanks for bringing up this issue as well. I’ve reviewed the messages you had with our Support Team there, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate the video you sent in at the time showing the problem you identified with the Morph transition. If possible, could you also share a video with some examples where this transition doesn’t fit what you’re looking for so our team can get a better understanding of your experience with this?

Thanks again for your help troubleshooting these issues! We really appreciate it so that we can continue improving djay.

Hi Emily,
Thank you for researching these issues.
1.This issue is mostly consistent with songs that Djay wrongly analyzes.
Usually when analyzed at double the speed as the video shows.

  1. Sorry, I did mean double tap the Tempo slider, not the Key Lock.
    When I set up Djay, I Sort by BPMs. So if songs are very close to the same but not exact BPM.
    i.e. 120.1 to 120.5 BPM double tapping the Tempo slider does nothing. So the habit of using the Pop up window is always used. Thus creating the Reset issue.
  2. On the Morph verses the Sync feature.
    I’ve been asking for the reset of the Tempo after each transition for years.
    Your team have since gave us Morph.
    In my opinion the Morph should reset tempo After, but during the transition.
    I will send over all tracks and video. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for sharing the additional information about each of these issues, and for sharing the song and video files. Our team is further investigating these items and I’ll update you here with any news as soon as I can. Thanks again for helping to troubleshoot and for continuing to share your valuable feedback! :pray:

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Hi @LaidbackFred,

I just wanted to follow up here on the issues you shared with us.

  1. The BPM reset in the pop-up window

Neither myself nor our team is able to reliably reproduce this issue following the steps you showed in your video and using the tracks you sent over. If you are reliably able to reproduce it, could you please provide us with a step-by-step recount of exactly what actions you take in djay that leads to that BPM resetting? It will be difficult for our team to fix this unless we understand exactly how to reproduce it.

  1. Double-tapping the BPM reset doesn’t always work

We also haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on our devices here. Could you please send a video showing step-by-step exactly what leads up to the issue?

Regarding the Sync vs. Morph Automix setting for transitions, our team has noted this feedback and will take this into consideration for future developments. Thanks again for all of your feedback and for taking the time to share your insights! We truly appreciate you helping us to keep improving djay.

Hello Emily,

  1. The BPM reset in the pop-up window
    I was able to capture the evidence on video.
    I was able to get Djay to consistently reset the Beat Grid after the rebooting Djay.
    I was also able to capture in slow motion when Djay loads the track, it will initially load the track to the original analysis but then actually loads my edit of the Beat Grid.
    I will send these exact tracks and new videos on your dropbox link.

  2. Double-tapping the BPM reset doesn’t always work
    The actual problem for double tapping to reset the BPM. Is that if two tracks are extremely close but not the exact BPM, Double tapping the slider will not do anything. For me as the user it is extremely important to me that the tempo is at 0%. With great speakers or headphones l can clearly tell the difference if the tempo is not set at 0%.
    I will send the video and the tracks so that you can duplicate what it is that I’m trying to explain. Notice in the video that the BPM is that .02%. This is what I mean when the BPM‘s are extremely close.
    Sync vs. Morph Automix setting for transitions
    The obvious is that while Djay is using the Morph feature the two tracks do lose sync during a transition. Most likely tracks that are farther apart on the BMP’s.
    But in the Sync mode, Djay keeps both tracks in sync when tempo is left alone during the transition.
    Morph desperately is in need of a “Reset Tempo after Transition option.
    Issues 1. And 2. Were only discovered due to this Morph issue.

As a longtime Djay user, I understand the future in Automix Mode. Therefore no baby sitting should be required in order for Automix to head into the road to perfection.
Thank you and your team LaidbackFred

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A happy New Year to all.
I noticed an update 3.8.4.
Improved while SYNC is off.
Anything on while MORPH is on?