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Hi everyone,

Recently I switched over to djay Pro from Traktor after the v5.0 update. The beat grids are just magical.

However, I was mapping my MIDI controller and miss one feature from Traktor: Beat Jump with the Auto Loop length.

In Traktor, alongside with beat jump values …16, 32, 64… they have a “LOOP” option. This takes the auto loop length and makes that the beat jump length.

Like the Traktor X1, I like assigning the Auto Loop length to an encoder, and having two beat jump buttons for back and forth.

The current workaround I have now is assigning the same encoder to change the loop and beat jump length. However, auto loops go from 1/32-32, but beat jump lengths go from 1/32-64. Due to the beat jump having an extra length value, if I turn my encoder too far, I can easily get them out of sync without knowing (and also having it like this anyway is a bad as they can be de-synced for other reasons).

The implementation can look like this below. In the “Manual / Skip” section, along with the “16 Beats”, “32 Beats”… there could be a “LOOP” option in the “carousel selector”… most likely the last option at the end.

For example, if I have my auto loop set at 8 beats, and the “LOOP” option selected like the screenshot above, pressing the beat jump forward or backward button will jump 8 beats. Also, since the beat jump length is coupled to the auto loop length, I can easily check the set length by looking at the auto loop length (the number inside the loop icon, next to the BPM).

I plan to use my iPad and Xone:K2 as my primary DJ setup. It would be awesome to implement this function.

Thank you!

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That would work for me too. Simple and elegant!

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Thanks for the suggestion @kyleawayan. As a previous Traktor user, I agree. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. If other users could please use the Vote button at the top so we can gauge user demand that would be great. Thanks!

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Yes, good idea! Voted this up.

Also regarding backloop function, please take a look at my earlier post:

Pressing the loop OUT button would activate a backloop autoloop with set number of bars:

This is exactly what I’m looking for as well

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