BEATGRID saving across devices

Beatgrid information does not sync across devices. It have been requested many many times but still not implemented.


You are right and we all hope to see this implemented soon. This is the main topic for this: iCloud sync all the things! Beat Grid, BPM, Settings, Midi Device Bindings


HI, thank you.

I have also posted in that topic, although it is now 3 years old and still this has not been addressed by the “technical team”.

I contacted support and support didn’t even know this feature is not implemented.

It is madness!!

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Yes, I share your disappointment as I have been the one who opened this request three years ago. Surprised to see it has already been three years, time flies when you’re DJing :grin:

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You will be waiting, I’ve also contacted support on numerous occasions and was given the same I’m forwarding to our technicians Speil. Nothing happens…

Actually, that’s not entirely true, Support will come along and merge this thread with the other massive beatgrid requesting thread and then…

Nothing will happen!

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Just in case the other topic about beat grid’s disappears I’m linking here.

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Thanks for the suggestion @waltell_J! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

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