Beatpad 2 and Samsung S20+


I have just purchased a Beatpad 2 to use with my Samsung S20+

I have everything connected and Djay recognises the Beatpad. It appears that everything is working (buttons, pads, sliders etc.) but I am getting no sound from the headphone output on the Beatpad or from the master output.

Are there any settings on the phone I have missed?

Any help would be much appreciated!



Hi Mark,

Thanks for joining our community.

Could you please tell us what Android and djay version you’re currently running?

Also, could you please tell us whether you’re using a USB-C adapter? If this is not the case how exactly are you connecting the Samsung device to the Beatpad 2?

Hope to hear from you again.


Hello, thanks for getting back to me.

I am using Android 11 and Djay 3.0.7

I have tried connecting the device with the cable provided to a USB-C OTG adapter and then with a USB-C hub.



I have also just tried a USB-B TO USB-C, with the same results…

Hey @Gladrags, I noticed we’re are also in touch via email.
We’ll get back to you soon through email. Thanks for your understanding.