Pre Cue Headphones doesn’t work on Android 10 USB-C with djay 3.0.4 and Reloop Mixtour

Yes but even the “supported” controllers suffer from the same problem.

I am using a reloop beatpad connected to an android device and even though i purchased the pro version of djay, pre-cueing still doesnt work.

I have tested three sony phones, a samsung phone and a samsung tablet. The audio is only routed to the master output and I cannot hear anything through the headphones. This renders both the app and controller totally useless.

I have heard that people have had the same problem with the beatpad 2 and Mixon controllers.

Is this issue ever going to be fixed? People keep asking the same question but the Algoriddim moderators just say “we are aware of the issue and are looking into it” unfortunately for us, some of these posts date back years and there has been no response.

If the problem is not going to be fixed, companies like Algoriddim and reloop should update their websites and remove these devices from the compatibility lists, otherwise, this is false advertising.


These devices do not work correctly

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when do you plan to make ddj 400 an official map?

Hi @SnAkEs1210,

Thanks for sharing this additional information.

Upon further review it looks like this thread is similar in nature to one that has been previously posted on so I will merge this thread with the one below.

I will also be sharing your findings with our dev team for continued review.

Is anything going to be done about it though? I have seen this problem in multiple threads and these threads just get closed with no response or solution.

I have literally purchased the Algoriddim djay app to unlock pre-cueing and this feature hasn’t been granted. I have also purchased a reloop controller that is listed as being compatible on both reloops and Algoriddims website, yet this is not the case. I now have a controller that I cannot use thats sitting around collecting dust.

How much longer do we have to wait for a solution to this problem?


You might want to merge all these posts while you are at it @NathanielAlgo

Pre-cue in the DDJ-400 + Xiaomi POCO F3](Pre-cue in the DDJ-400 + Xiaomi POCO F3)

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If the problem is not going to be fixed, companies like Algoriddim and reloop should update their websites and remove these devices from the compatibility lists, otherwise, this is false advertising.

+1. I bought a Mixtour about a year ago and it is just sitting on my shelf since I can’t use it. I would not have wasted the money if the product details were clear. Very much not a fan.


Yes, my reloop beatpad is just collecting dust now as it is totally unusable. Algoriddim basically keep fobbing me off. They take ages to respond and keep pointing their finger at anything other than their software.

We have tried all settings, different OTG adapters and now they are trying to say that the hardware is faulty when it clearly isnt.

I contacted the reloop support team and they have told me several times that the hardware is not faulty and have confirmed that it is an issue with Algoriddims software.

I am now escalating a case with google play as Algoriddim still state that these controllers are natively supported on the google play page. We all obviously know this not to be true and I fear other people will purchase these controllers and experience the same issue which is totally unacceptable in my opinion.

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Hi @Emily this issue is still present. Any chance of an explanation into what is being done about it? I am experiencing the problem on android 9, android 11 and android 12.

Currently my reloop beatpad is unusable and is just gathering dust.

Being a controller that algoriddim states as being natively supported on the android platform, I would expect it to work perfectly. Having no headphone output and no way to pre-cue the next track is unacceptable.

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@NathanielAlgo doesn’t matter, controllers that are supposed to be “Natively supported” also have the same problem.

I’m in very high hopes that it will get fixed soon, despite the Algoriddim support team thanking me for bringing it to their attention.

They were unaware of the issue apparently despite several moderators on here claiming to have forwarded the details of this problem to the devs.

We went through the whole “send me screenshots of your settings” “send me images of your OTG adapters” etc etc. before trying to tell me that my hardware was probably faulty. I had to forward them links to this forum to demostrate that the issue goes beyond my own personal equipment.

I have also spoken in depth to reloop who have confrimed that they know there is an issue and it is related to the software.

I have also reported this to Google Play and provided them with a very detailed account of the issue and my correspondence with Algoriddim and reloop support.

They have told me that they are quite happy to look into this for me and are eager to get the problem resolved. Hopefully when you are all working collectively, this will be sooner rather than later.


I’m not saying this is not a Djay bug, because frankly I don’t know, but Android as a platform (meaning different OS versions with vendor tweaks and all the different hardware stuff) is not as simple as it may seem from the outside. It might well be something else.

Reminds me a lot of the old Windows days (with tons of manufacturers), which was a nightmare for us developers to be honest.

All the different hardware components make up for a nice soup. There’s a good reason some stuff doesn’t make it to Android (e.g. Sonos Trueplay) because hardware quality and consistency is not a given.

With that said, if a company claims their stuff works on a platform it’s obviously their problem.

I hope it works out for you. Have you tried different Android devices?


Looking at the original post this could be a problem too. There are a lot of cheap solutions out there which don’t support all the specs they say they do.

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@NathanielAlgo Here is another post to merge. On a oneplus device this time. The post has been closed now but it doesn’t look like the problem was resolved.

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Yes, i appreciate that there are different variations of android but i wouldn’t say that the operating system is of a lesser quality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

But yes, Algoriddim state that a small number of controllers are natively supported both on google play and on their website so you would expect that they would work on most devices with maybe a few exceptions.

Unfortunately, it seems that the controllers don’t work on any android device, with only a few exceptions. I have not heard of a device that it does work on yet but I’m assuming there must be a small number in order for Algoriddim to make the claim.

I just think the whole thing is totally misleading really. They certainly need to make a proper list of android devices that are compatible in order to stop people unknowingly purchasing equipment that they will never be able to use.

It would also be nice if they were honest and let us know if a fix is not possible because people who have recently purchased a controller might have a chance to return it for a refund. Being told its currently being worked on is not very helpful as years seem to go by and we never get any closer to a solution or even a work around.

Expensive controllers just sit collecting dust :pensive:

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I didn’t say that either (edit: I spotted what you meant :sweat_smile:). Both approaches have their pros and cons. :blush:

Anyway, here’s to hoping Algoriddim will do the right thing… :muscle:t3:


:laughing: yeah i was just having a joke really.

Yes this is true both have their pros and cons. Quite often IOS have issues because of the security they put in place. That then restricts certain apps from working correctly. It is what it is though I guess.

Yeah I hope that the issue gets fixed one day but its looking doubtful. I still think that more information needs to be provided on compatibility to stop others running into the same problem after they’ve purchased all their equipment. To use the words “native intergration” is very misleading in my opinion.

I certainly feel that these words need to be removed from google play and Algoriddims website until the issue is resolved. The sheer amount of complaints on this forum and the fact that its a known issue should be enough for Algoriddim to make the right decision and act accordingly.

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Hello guys, sorry to hear some of you are having issues. It might be a stupid question but is there not a list of compatible android devices anywhere? I have looked but havent found anything yet

Hello everyone :wave:
I have been using the djay app alot lately and I was thinking about buying a midi controller. I noticed some people are having issues when using android devices. I have been on the Algoriddim site but can only find a list of compatible controllers. Is there a list of compatible android devices anywhere please?

I can’t exactly help you there but if you are going to buy a new controller, why not buy one of the many already listed on the Algoriddim site…

This way you know for certain it will work…

Hello there @maurizio_T, thanks for your help but i am not asking about supported controllers, i am asking about supported android devices. By this i mean phones and tablets. From what i understand, very few, if any android devices work with the list of supported controllers. Many people complain that pre-cue/headphones dont work when using an android device in conjunction with the supported controllers. So i am asking for a list of compatible android devices.