Better control of source for matching tracks

I find the match list generated for the active track to be helpful, but the breadth of its source is too wide. I have playlists for different and non-overlapping use cases: Alternative club music, Rave/Techno, 80s retro, Country, Wedding music, etc. There is no way to limit the match list to pull from a specified playlist, and thus it presents a list of matches from the entire collection. This issue is the same if the match list is specified to come from my ‘Music’ source - playlists within are not able to be used to filter results. It is difficult to wade through the unfiltered results, and their presence also means that the total number of ‘good’ results gets diminished.

Please allow for either direct selection of a playlist as the source, or at a minimum the ability to filter results.


That sounds like an idea that’ll be useful to many people!

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Just to add this request "Match" does not work on my iPhone/iPad. v3.7.4 - #20 by Emily as we don‘t have match for local files - if we had, than this would be the ultimate „control“ on the source of suggestions

Hi @djsteve,

We’re really glad you brought this up, as our team is always looking to improve on the current feature set of djay especially as it relates to music libraries.

I will make sure that this gets passed along to our engineering team for further review and update this topic should we hear of new information regarding this feature request.

Have a lovely day!