BPM & Metronome range (0-1000 BPM?)

I’m an all-round dj and I have tracks which have BPM > 200, mainly rock/metal

Currently it’s pretty hard to adjust the BPM’s for songs which BPM is over 200.
The only way to do it is to “tap” and my tapping with finger isn’t accurate enough with BPM’s are over 200.

When playing rock, I don’t care if I can’t beat mix them. I just want to maintain my library correctly and not having those fast tracks showing for example when filtering based on bpm’s (or on bpm based smart lists).

So could we have an option to

  • adjust BPM’s with the metronome
  • adjust BPM’s editing with the text field ie. range like 0-1000, currently (50-200?)

This could have an option in preferences like in “Advanced Section”:
BPM range : (Overriding the BPM edit field and metronome)

  • min BPM : 0
  • max BPM : 1000

Then you just need to figure out how to draw the beatgrid.
With current beatgrid “nudge” tools we can then place the beatgrid nicely.

Please trust as, as we are Dj’s and we know our tracks :wink:

We just need tools to maintain our music collection nicely.

Just an idea how to impelment this.

  1. I’ll load up the song I want to adjust BPM to player 1.
  2. I’ll load up the Metronome to player 2.
  3. I’ll adjust the Metronome BPM to my “best guess” close enough like
  4. Play song on player 1
  5. I’ll start the metronome using play control on player 2 and using pitch fader on player 2 I’ll match the BPM
  6. The Metronome now has the correct BPM.
  7. I’ll edit the BPM of the track on player 1.
  8. I’ll adjust the beatgirid with the “nudge” tools

On player 2 there could be visual beat grid as well, ie I could see and compare to the beat grid of player 1 …

I have the same problem with mixing psycore. It’s really a big problem and I’m reporting this since two years😢. I also have a suggestion running here, but for both iOS/Mac.
Maybe you like to change your topic to MacOS/iOS that it comes hopefully for both platforms :sunglasses:

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Please share your link in my topic to get more attention :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

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