BPM suddenly shifts for a beat in 4 Deck Neural Mix mode.

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  • Device model: iPad Pro 2020
  • Version of operating system: 17.3.1 newest
  • Version of djay: 5.1.2 newest
  • Hardware/controllers used: hand-mode

Summary of the issue:
I have a video put up: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
When i mix songs the bpm suddenly shifts itself for 1-2 beats
You can hear it in the audio and see it on the bpm (also by %)
→ ~when i play Music over djayPro i believe i hear that the song speed sometimes goes faster and slower for a short time and it sounds just weird~

How to reproduce the issue:
Mix 4 Songs and change their high mid lows with filter a lot, make 2-3 of the songs on loop with different loop size (4,8,16) and sync them all.
It might be about the sync function

PS this link is no virus, i dont know any other way to transfer the video so i sent it via wetransfer

You could have uploaded the file to YouTube and just posted the link, so people could watch without needing to download.

The BPM movement is normal when using sync, that the software will try and keep the grids of all tracks matched to each other. This depends on the grids of all tracks being correct.

Hi @PKtheDJ, we’ve started to move away from this user workflow as some videos may be deleted or privatized by the uploader while we are working on solving a case.

The best way to send us videos is either through a direct link to a file-sharing service or via our Dropbox account.

Great to see you collaborating with other users in the community, though! Thanks!

Hi @Lukas01D,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing these issues however, we appreciate you sharing this in the community.

Could you please upload your video to our Dropbox, found at the link below, as the WeTransfer link did not work?


Please make sure to name your video “Lukas01D - COMMUNITY - Another Bug where BPM suddenly shifts for a beat”

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

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It worked for me earlier, as I checked the video before posting my reply.

Just tried again and it still works.

Thanks for the video @Lukas01D. I was able to download and view it. I can see clearly what you are talking about on Deck 4. I suspect this could be a performance issue with using Neural Mix on 4 decks at once. I will forward this to the engineering team for further review.

In the meantime, I recommend you review my personal list of iOS Tips to improve the performance of your iPad when using djay: iOS Specific Advice / Tips

@Lukas01D I also noticed in the video that your iPad is running off of battery. I recommend you try repeating the same test with your iPad connected to power using the original Apple charger and cable.

Hi again @Lukas01D, could you please share a WeTransfer link to the “Terminal V” track on Deck 4 so we can examine this in more detail. We couldn’t find this song on any streaming services. Thanks!

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could i have a link to your dropbox? i will beginn to collect video samples of these beat problems and put them into the dropbox

He already posted the link.

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im blind, thank you sir

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this is the song on soundcloud. but it happens with a variety of songs.

i know what you suspect and i believe that too. Sometimes when im syncing 2 or more songs, it seems like the programm just cant align the beats perfectly and speeds one song up and slows it down continuosly to try to sync it, but it just sounds like the beat goes faster and slower all the time

Thanks for the track link and additional info @Lukas01D. I’ve shared this with the engineering team.

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@Lukas01D On the Funk Tribu track, do you have analysis set to Dynamic or Straight?

If it’s Dynamic, when you play the track on its own do you see anywhere that the BPM changes or the grid is incorrect?

I’ve just played it through in VirtualDJ and the BPM should be a constant 154, but maybe the Fluid Beatgrid analysis is getting confused. There are some places where the beat changes or is taken out of the mix, and that can confuse the analysis sometimes.

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this could be helpful!
But where exactly do i change this setting?
I could try it out for mixing this night :slight_smile:

Use the force, Lukas.

No actually use the manual. :smiley:


Hi @Lukas01D, did switching to a Straight BPM solve your issue?