Camelot Key Option

Please add the option to use the Camelot Wheel musical key notation. The existing key notation is much less convenient and easy to use than the Camelot system.

Alternatively, if there’s a licensing issue, could you please create your own simplified wheel system similar and to what Traktor Pro has done? Thank you.

This is a MUST. If it is not possible to use the exact Camelot notation, please use your own system.

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Agreed. As a new user I was a bit suprised the software didn’t support it tbh.

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May I ask you where the problem is to use this wheel?

Hey Sascha. Yes I have a copy of this wheel. The problem is that you need to constantly refer to the wheel to know which keys are compatible. With the Camelot or Traktor notation you never need to refer to the wheel because you just add or subtract one number. Way simpler and faster to find compatible keys when you’re in the middle of a set.

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Ahhh…that’s a good point👍🏽
I would give this topic a vote, but I already used all my votes. I wish we could give more as three votes😫

Yes this voting system needs to change!

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By the way, this is the most voted topic right now :smiley:


This would be an amazing improvement that is easy to implement and probably bring over many users from other platforms


I have to say…you all are right, it’s very complicated to work with the current wheel system :see_no_evil:

I also want to mention that the possibility to show wich tracks are possible to mix (filter option) doesn’t show every option. It only shows the up and down mixing :cry:

There are many more ways to mix, which could be shown through the filter option and at least this would be a way to make it easier to work with the current method


@Lukas_E Can you tell us something about this? :wink:

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What I do when I’m djing is have my laptop screen open with the background of the Camelot wheel while I’m using djay on the iPad. Very useful

Sure this works and yes this is what I do. However with the Camelot notation it is not necessarily to ever look at the wheel. Much more convenient than switching back and forth between your DJ software and a picture of the wheel.

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Now here’s the real kicker:

If you’d spend the time on learning a tiny bit of music basics, you’d be surprised how much further you’d get than waiting for algoriddim to implement this feature in their future updates.

I’m saying this in a very non-condescending way btw.

The basics can be learned within a couple of hours. No need for wheels, software updates or anything.

It will also include all of the potential cross-mix and harmonic options.

Just my 2 cent.

Namaskar…seems to be solved with the last update…good update day today😄

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YES! Thank you Algoriddim! Very happy to see this added to the latest update.

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Almost correctly imlemented… but if you have done your smartlists with old key format "Musical key with Major/Minor) and used key for filter, you can’t change to “Open Key” format.

If you change the keyformat, the smartlists will be empty and you are forced to edit the smartlist filters.

Hi @Slak_Jaw🙏🏽
One little question to the open key format. Is it normal that all my tracks show #m now?
Shouldn’t it have #m or #d? Or
What does our developer team say? @Guillermo :slight_smile:

Mixing with Traktor Key Scale vs mixed in key Camelot. Is there a preference?

Thank you!
The addition is appreciated!