Camelot Wheel Key Signature

I reckon that instead of displaying the key signature of the track, it should display the key signature in Camelot wheel form/language/signature (4B, 6A, etc). This would remove the need of having a Camelot wheel while mixing in key, since you can just be like ‘4B…I might play 4A, 3B or 5B’ instead of looking around for the key & getting confused while looking at a Camelot wheel.

Also, quite obviously, it should still show the key when using the top left & top right buttons on the app.

I am no programmer, but I honestly don’t think it’s that hard to make this possible since its a matter of conversion

Thanks for considering my idea if you did :slight_smile:

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Hi i was wondering could you implement Keycodes when listing by Key (like the camelot system… "… " )

that would be awesome, and i figure super simple to implement…

Please please please start using the Camelot key system. The current key system doesn’t differentiate between major and minor either


There is also the very similar and free to use Open Key wheel:…. For example I know it’s also used in Traktor.

PLEASE! :smiley:


Open key is free, Camelot is available in DJ Player Pro and Cross DJ Pro for example. It’s simply a matter of priorities.


Just realized this was 10 months ago and we don’t have it yet. That’s a bummer.


camelot would be so convenient (previous Traktor user; they had it)

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I have tested the iPad app and I love it, except for the fact that I can’t manually edit the keys (most of them are wrong) and it also doesn’t filter the song list to match the current song by harmonic key relevance.

I am now thinking about getting the Mac app and I am wondering if these 2 missing features are there or are they still missing?

Thanks for sharing your idea!

Which djay version do you have? djay normally differentiates between minor and major.

…or just allow custom tags display in library and in tags you can store camelot keys:…

Current “Sort by Key” i djay 2 is already more advanced than Camelot (aka Circle of Fifth), because key signatures are sorted in very smart way: relative minors and majors are highlighted in red, but next two and previous two keys signatures are harmonic too. For example if you picked a track in G major, E minor is in red, but next keys are D, Bm and previous are Am, C - those goes very well with G major too. So together you got 5 key signatures instead of just 3 in Camelot!!! It just needed to colour those previous and next key signatures in another color, orange for example, to make it more obvious.

But it can be even more advanced. For G major also key signatures of F, A#, Dm mix well, so together 8. I suggest to do something similar to software called Rapid Evolution - it also shows tracks harmonically relative to current one in different gradation of a color depending on BPM difference (many DJs don’t like how ‘Key Lock’ sounds and prefer leave it off). Because if you pitch a track to +/- 6% than its key signature changes to one semitone (or next key signature).

Screen shot of Rapid Evolution 2:

Camelot Codes maybe trademarked, but Circle of Fifth (on which it is based) is known for hundreds of years

I would actually pay an upgrade charge for this.

Algoriddim probably can’t directly switch to Camelot Codes, because they’re trademarked by Mixed In Key. However, they might be able to create a workaround by allowing the user to rename each musical key to a custom code.

your welcome