Can’t connect ipad pro 2020 to djwego2 through IOS connection

hi! i have a djwego2 controller and the newest ipad, which has a usbc connection, not a lighting port. i bought a male USBC to female lightening cord so the ios cord included with the controller could be plugged into my ipad. i’m not sure i’m using the right cords but my ipad is not recognizing my djwego2. any suggestion?

Hi there,

You can’t use the IOS socket on the wego2 with the lightening cable to any device that doesn’t have a lightning socket on it or use an adapter as you have tried.

You must use the USB (B) socket on the wego 2 and connect it to the IPad via a USB C hub.

(It is possible to connect directly via usb B to usb c cable, but 1: the iPad would be powering the wego and would drain both devices extremely quickly as there is no way to charge either device. 2: the IPad probably won’t even have enough usb c current to power the wego 2 at all. Try it out if you have access to the cable, it won’t damage anything)

Using a generic usb c hub (or apple usb c av adapter) will allow you to power the wego2 and also charge the IPad at the same time.

Don’t take any notice of the manual saying you can’t use a hub as this was years ago when iPads did not have usb c. This was an issue when people were using the lightning camera connection kit and then plugging a hub into that and then into the wego.

Recommended generic options, allows hard drives, memory cards etc (plenty of others available)
Apple usb av adapter. Expensive and restrictive

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Hey @Blaine_Dunn.

With the help of @SteNight, have you been succesfull?
Connecting your WeGo2 to a Ipad pro 2020 and control your Djay app within the iPad?

I do have a similar “problem” with a WeGo3 (Does WeGo3 controller works with iPad pro/Air 2020 (usb-c) and new djay Pro AI?)

Thanks for answering.

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Hi PiWi

I actually have the wego3 and it works great with the iPad Pro 12.9" via usb C (so air should work too).
I suggest you only use the wego3 with it’s power supply plugged in as when used with on usb power only it can lock up from time to time (never did on outlet power).
It will work directly with a usb b (printer) to usb c cable but obviously the iPad will not charge that way (great for testing).

Easiest way to use is with a usb c hub and the standard usb cable that comes with most DJ controllers ie. usb b to usb a.

I used to use the wego3 with its iOS cable when used with my old iPad 3 that had a lightning connector.that cable cannot be used in any way with the new iPads/usbc!

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