Cannot sign in to Apple Music in djay

I recently saw that Djay added Apple Music and all you had to do was sign in. But every time I try signing in with my Apple ID, it never signs me in. It takes me to the page that says “Sign In” and “Try 2 Months Free” at the start. I have Apple Music but how do I fix this?

Thanks for your message. It sounds like the account you are signing in with doesn’t have an active Apple Music subscription, which is required for using Apple Music in djay. Please double check your subscription status in your Apple Music account settings.

I have the exact same problem and I have an active Apple Music subscription which is showing as active in my subscription list

It is active. It works on Apple Music fine, it has this problem between the 2.

Thanks for confirming.

Can you please try logging in with the same Apple ID in a browser at on a Mac or PC and check:

  1. Does that work?
  2. After login do you see a banner at the bottom saying “Get over 100 million songs free for 1 month” or similar?
  3. When you click on your account icon in the top-right corner and select “Settings”, scroll to the bottom where it says “Subscriptions” – what does it say here?

Thanks for your help!

I have the same problem on my iPhone. It works fine on my Mac and iPad, but on the phone when I try to view my music on Apple Music it gives me an erro (Forbidden 403)

As I said in the family control thing, my Apple Music works. What do I do now.

Please check if your Apple ID meets the age requirements as described here and let me know if the issue persists:

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