Christmas requests...

  • Hot Cue Sequencer ( For Live Reedits );
  • Volume Control for Samples;
  • Drums Kits and Percussions BY ALGORIDDIM;

THANKS ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello @Fernando_Midi, thanks for the suggestions! Can you please provide more information for these requests to ensure we understand them correctly?

  1. Hot Cue Sequencer: this sounds like a combination of the existing Looper and Slicer modes. Please elaborate.
  2. Sample Volume: I’m guessing this is different from the Sampler Volume control that already exists here. Please clarify.
  3. Algoriddim Drum Kits: do you simply mean new drum and percussion Sample Packs?
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I think the best Christmas request could be a Neural Mix enhancement, actually Virtual DJ and Serato Stems are much better than Neural Mix.

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First of all, thank you very much for your feedback… :pray:

Let’s go:

  • Hot Cue Sequencer:
    I’m referring to being able to sequence my Hot Cues and transform or re-edit a Track live. Being able to Record the “skips” to specific parts of the Track in a Loop and while this loop is active the Track will play as a new edition. EXACTLY LIKE SERATO FLIP… In Serato this function is sold as a separate plugin. “Serato Flip”.

In this demonstration, I mapped my Maschine to Serato to be able to control my Hot Cues and also the FLIP (Hot Cues Sequencer) functions. See that I start by playing the Track on the Deck normally and then activate FLIP REC to start recording the new Hot Cues sequence, modifying the Track. After making this modification to the Track, it continues playing this sequence in Loop and allows me to do a Finger Drumming on top, making a total transformation in the song… A LIVE REMIX, so to speak.
I dream of one day being able to use something like this on my beloved Djay Pro and, together with the Sampler, create new Beats live.

  • Sample Volume : I’m really referring to having volume control for each piece of kit loaded into sampleR. The volume you mentioned refers to the entire kit. As I use my own loaded samples to build my Kit, I would like to have volume control for each piece and thus be able to adjust it in the Mix… Drums and percussion, each at its own volume.

  • Algoriddim Drums & Percussion :
    Specific drums and percussion kits, created by Algoriddim itself and its partners, with professional quality and different models, such as 909, 808, 606 kits, Trap, Dance, Hip Hop kits… Kits with drums and percussion pieces without the need for other instruments with Bass, Synths, Bells… Just Drums and percussion. I think that with Kits like this it is more objective for the DJ to be able to create a new drum line in the Sampler to accompany his Tracks on the Decks.

I hope I was clear in my explanations and I remain available for any clarification. :pray:

Hi @Fernando_Midi, thanks for the detailed clarifications and for the great suggestions.

  1. The Hot Cue Sequencer is especially cool. I see that you already made this suggestion before, but it closed due to inactivity. I’ve gone ahead and reopened it so other users can continue to upvote it. HotCue Sequencer... As Serato FLIP ..
  2. For your other 2 suggestions, I think it would be best if you made separate suggestion posts for each of them. This way other users can upvote each one and that gives our dev team a better idea of the demand for the feature. This is helps prioritize what gets worked on. Thanks again!
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My requests are very specific… :grin:
The absolute majority of DJs do not use these resources…
But I appreciate all the attention and maybe one day the team will decide to include it, right! :pray:

It certainly doesn’t hurt to share your ideas and ask :grin:

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