Connecting xone k2 to djay pro

  • Device model: iPad Pro
  • Version of operating system: 17.4
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: xone k2

Hello, xone k2 is recognised as an audio device but is not shown in midi devices. When I scan for new midi device, the xone k2 responds with light display, but the device still does not show. I’ve tried deleting the app and tried paying for the subscription, but nothing. Sorry, I’m a complete newbie at this, so I’m hoping there is an easy solution. Thanks

I can’t see it listed as a supported controller. I could be wrong but take a look here.


Hi @acidsexfish,

  1. Please note that the Allen & Heath Xone: K2 is not officially supported on iOS: DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim
  2. Having said that, you should be able to MIDI Map it yourself:
  3. Here are some additional discussions about the K2: Xone - K2 + djay pro AI on iOS
  4. To enable custom MIDI Mapping in djay for iOS, you must have an active paid subscription. This is not available on the Free Trial.
  5. Please share more details about your iPad Pro. Specific model and year. Does it have a USB-C or Lightning Socket?
  6. How exactly are you connecting the Xone K2 to your iPad? Please share photos of all cables, adapters, USB hubs, etc.
  7. Please make sure that our iPad is also connected to power and charging properly using the original Apple Power supply and cable.

I found this:


Thank you so much for your replies, appreciate it! I should had really mentioned two things though. One, that I am aware I need to map the K2 (that’s what I’m trying to achieve) and two, that first time I connected the xone k2, the pop-up message asking if you want to configure the device showed up. Unfortunately, I was only testing to see if it responded and closed the Djay Pro app. Next time I opened the app, there was no pop-up message and hasn’t been one since. That’s why I tried deleting the app. Maybe there’s residual files on the iPad that need to be deleted? But this is beyond me. Any ideas? Thanks ))

Thanks for the follow up. Please answer 4-7 above then I can provide more troubleshooting tips.

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Yes, to both of these questions, although I am waiting on a ‘usb c to usb b audio cable’ to arrive. Currently I am using a small usb to usb c adapter but as mentioned, this seemed to connect ok at first. Thanks

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Hi @acidsexfish, I recommend you perform the follow procedure.

  1. Disconnect all cables and adapters from your iPad and DJ controller.
  2. Close djay.
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad (Force restart iPad - Apple Support).
  4. After restarting, connect your powered USB-C hub to your iPad and confirm there is a blue peripheral icon in the top right of your iPad screen.
  5. Connect your original Apple charger and cable to the USB-C hub and confirm that your iPad is charging.
  6. Connect your DJ controller to the USB hub using a high-quality USB cable (ideally with dual ferrites on either end).
  7. Confirm that your DJ controller powers up.
  8. Launch djay.
  9. Open the djay Settings>MIDI Devices and confirm that your controller is shown under MIDI DEVICES.
  10. If not, scroll down to the bottom and press Rescan for MIDI Devices.
  11. If this doesn’t work, unplug the USB cable from your DJ controller for a second then plug it back in.
  12. If this doesn’t work, try a different USB cable.

I obtained all the correct cables but even after following your steps, Djay Pro was still unable to recognise my Xone K2. It continues to recognise it as an audio device, but that’s all. Any solutions as I’m fully committed to making the transfer to Djay Pro from Traktor. I love this software!

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What’s strange is that the first time I ever connected the Xone k2 to Djay Pro, it recognised it as a midi device. Now it doesn’t but when I hit search for midi device, the Xone k2 responds with its lights but Djay Pro still doesn’t show the device.

Thanks for the update @acidsexfish. Perhaps there’s an issue with the hardware. Have you tried using the K2 with djay on your Mac or Windows PC?

Yes, I will try this again tomorrow but previously it’s been working fine. The one thing I just noticed is that each time I close Djay Pro and reopen it, it signs me out and I need to sign back in. Is this normal? Thanks

Sounds good. No, you should not have to sign into your djay account every time you open the app.


Ok, strange. I believe this may have something to do with it. Any ideas? Would this be an issue with the software or hardware. The iPad Pro is brand new but I would even reinstall the iOS to try and fix this problem.

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I recommend you try using the K2 on your computer running djay (your iOS subscriptions will work on macOS and Windows). Also try the K2 with Trakor. This will help to narrow down if it’s hardware or software.

So I have now tried everything, even restoring my iPad to its original factory settings which fixed the logging out problem. The K2 works fine and the issue can only exists within either Djay Pro or my setup process with the k2 to Djay Pro. I don’t believe so but maybe someone who’s connected the xone k2 could explain their connection process.

Hi @acidsexfish, based on the screenshot you shared, it looks like djay is recognizing the XONE: K2.

  1. As I mentioned above, this hardware is not natively supported so you need to MIDI Map it yourself.
  2. Press on the XONE:K2 name in the MIDI CONFIGURATION to open up the MIDI Learn Tool and start mapping the various controls.
  3. Here’s the mapping guide again:


I understood what you meant, but its non-responsive. On my PC and Mac it works as you say, but on my iPad, nothing. It literally comes down to two things. Either my brand new iPad is the problrm or there’s an issue with the Djay Pro software.

Also, the xone k2 will only show up after I have reset all system settings on the ipad. After then i open Djay Pro, it says it recognises the midi device, i try to select the Xone K2 and play with the knobs and buttons but nothing. After then i unplug the Xone K2 and it disappears from the midi section. It wont even be able to find it when i promt Djay Pro to search for the midi controller. Then again i must perform a reset.

I’m annoyed because I purely bought the ipad, the xone k2 and the Djay Pro subscription so i can be more mobile with my dj’ing. Also, I live in Goa, India where everyone is traktor. I truly belive Djay Pro is superior and i want to open the minds of the psy and trance community.

Surely there’s some way to resolve this. Everything works fine off my ipad, its driving me crazy.


@acidsexfish, I recommend you try using a powered USB-C hub connected to your iPad and connected to you original iPad charger and cable first. Then connect the K2 to the USB hub.

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No, I tried everything. Would have loved to had made it work, but just gonna stick with Traktor. Appreciate your help anyway.