Xone - K2 + djay pro AI on iOS

has anyone successfully midi mapped Xone K2 with Djay Pro to use with iOS?

Hi @lisaluna, welcome to the community. There are a few other threads discussing the Xone: K2. It sounds like some users have been able to MIDI map it:

Also here’s a guide to MIDI Mapping for djay Pro AI on iOS. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to do it you have some time to commit to it:

as best as I know, DJay Pro on iOS not mappable!
I have x96, natively supported, but DOESN’T WORK the midi mapping with iOS. (macOS work well)
If you have mapped please let us know.

thanks so much @Slak_Jaw !
I winder if there might be. resource for a clear mapping for the K2.
I’m new to all if this and just want to make sure it works before I purchase it.
I have the reload buddy but don’t like the jog wheels and the fact that I can’t control the kids when its in EQ. I also have the mixtour but I want something USB powered for portability with my iPad Pro and also I love having 4 tracks in a slim format, hence the K2.
thanks so much!

You’re welcome @lisaluna. There is no specific resource for MIDI mapping the K2. We only have a general guide for MIDI Mapping on iOS. I recommend you purchase the K2 from a shop with a good return policy in case you encounter issues. You could also try sending a private message to the users in the other threads I shared. Perhaps one of them can provide more details on their K2 experience and share the mapping they created.