DDJ-FLX4 & Djay Pro AI

If there are issues technically how the integration should work
only way to do is ask how the controller works.
So it’s up to Pioneer to tell Algoriddim how the device works and only then can djpro support the device.

Pioneer obviously want as many soft ware Apps to be compatible with their new range of controllers, hence why Serato is compatible from the get go on the FLX4. Pioneers Rekordbox IOS App will be released in March. DJ Pro, need to get their arse in gear and gets there’s fully compatible by then if they want to hang onto their current users


I wonder if any updates are coming ?

VDJ finally have a temporary mapping that still doesnt support smart fader, which i could care less about , but hopefully them and DJAY will be able to smart CFX worked out, as it is wonky in VDJ at the moment, everything else works fine, i guess if VDJ is having a “delay” on a final, so will DJAY. also, I am starting to see these controllers pop up in stores everywhere now, however i am in US

I believe that VDJ is waiting for some firmware fixes/support from Pioneer. So, presumably the same goes for Algoriddim.

Here’s my unofficial DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Mapping. It’s about 95% complete.


djay Pro and FLX4 - testing mapping at a gig.


Trying it out rn brotha! Thank you for mappin this for us!:fire::raised_hands:t2:


Thanks for this bud, really appreciated. I’m using your mapping but the jog wheels aren’t working apart from stopping the tracks dead. Is this what you’re experiencing? Didn’t know if it was me getting a setting wrong.

Thanks for that. I took a look and updated the MIDI mapping to version 2.2. Check the notes for the changes to the Jog Wheels. Not sure if will solve your problem, but you should be able to scratch with the top and pitch blend with the sides (while track is playing).

Notes: There’s a sensitivity issue with the jog wheels that I don’t understand yet. Playing around with it to find the optimal settings. Sometimes if you touch the sides first, it will scratch until you then touch the top, then the sides starts to pitch blend. On the plus side, the side/pitch blend seem to work correctly when the track is playing.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve downloaded your new mapping but unfortunately it’s still the same. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that I’m using Djay on iPad. Has anyone else tried this mapping using an iPad? If so it it working for people.

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This could also be related to the firmware issue referenced earlier.

  1. I confirmed that the “official” Algoriddim Jog Wheel mappings on several other controllers are setup exactly the same as the FLX4 jog wheel mapping.

  2. But there are differences in the sensitivity settings for different controllers. The two sensitivity settings for the jog wheels are:

  • Speed (Slow to Fast)
  • Reaction (Smooth to Responsive)
  1. The sensitivity settings on the DDJ-FLX4 mapping are defaults from DDJ-400 mapping, but the FLX4 jog wheels appear to have a different design - so perhaps the FLX4 mapping needs different values. Just for a reality check, the current settings work fine (for me) on my controller - both in macOS and iOS.


  • I don’t know if this solves your issue but thought it would be worth exploring.

For Reference, here are screen shot comparisons between the DDJ-FLX4 and Hercules Starlight jog wheel mappings.

SCRATCH Mapping (top of jog wheel) DDJ-FLX4

SCRATCH Mapping (top of jog wheel) STARLIGHT

PITCH BLEND Mapping (side of jog wheel) - FLX4

PITCH BLEND Mapping (side of jog wheel) - STARLIGHT


Hi, I know we have an unofficial mapping which I have been using and it’s great. But when can we expect the official one? any timeline? Can’t wait to try those effects in sets.

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Djay support, Any updates on supporting flx4?

@Maston82 - check the newest update to the FLX4 MIDI MAP. I made some changes to the Jog Wheel mapping. Hopefully it works better. Might even solve some of the issues on the FLX6.


The problem is that it’s not plug and play right now. DJay recognizes the controller but you should set manually all the buttons and functions. And as you understand this is a titanic task.

hello, when you say MIDI maps, do you mean setting manually every button? Or is there a shorter way to do it?

@Amin_Azali if you read through this discussion, you will find that @Michael_Wisniewski has already completed a non-official manual MIDI mapping for this controller and has shared his mapping here. Simply download it and select it in the djay MIDI mapping section.

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Hi I’m looking to buy a flx4 was just wondering can you map the controller from a iPad or download the map on a iPad and apply it

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