Definition of a default (and user definable) Path for finding tracks.

As I read in several discussions and also happen frequently to me, when someone moves one track file (or several) from its location (for example for a different volume or path), it’s necessary to relink the files, in a more or less manual process, which is unpractical when you hundred or thousands of files to relink to your playlists.

In my opinion, it was more valuable and probably very easy to implement some kind of path configuration for the track library where the app should look for all the files need for each playlist.
In my case, I have one folder (i.e. ‘DJ Library’) where I store all the track files of the music I purchase, with several different sub-folders with each purchase I make (i.e. ‘DJ Library/Traxsource_2024_05’). I have dozens of different sub-folders (from purchases from Traxsource, Beatport, BPM Supreme and even some music I ripped from CD’s or transferred from vinyl).

If we have some configuration where you could choose a path for the location of the tracks, it was easier that DJay scanned the folder and respective sub-folders for any missing files and recreate the missing link.

I think it could be a good idea for DJay and certainly very easy to implement.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Dig_Art. Good idea. I’ve sent this to the dev team for consideration.