Denon Prime Go Jogwheels Mapping

Now that the latest Denon Prime Go firmware adds midi support, can Algoriddim make a map file? I tried customizing one using an iPad but I’m having issues mapping the jogwheels. Otherwise so far it works real well. I think it will be a solid DJAY compact controller with XLR outs.


Hi @Ervic_A,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

While we cannot say at this moment whether or not the Prime Go will be receiving a native MIDI Mapping in djay, I can say with confidence that our dev team is aware of this request.

Have a nice day!

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Thank you. Whatever the outcome, the dev team is doing a great job with everything. No complaints.

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OMG If you could get the screen to work with iOS devices too, I would be in heaven.

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