Denon Prime Go Jogwheels Mapping

Now that the latest Denon Prime Go firmware adds midi support, can Algoriddim make a map file? I tried customizing one using an iPad but I’m having issues mapping the jogwheels. Otherwise so far it works real well. I think it will be a solid DJAY compact controller with XLR outs.


Hi @Ervic_A,

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While we cannot say at this moment whether or not the Prime Go will be receiving a native MIDI Mapping in djay, I can say with confidence that our dev team is aware of this request.

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Thank you. Whatever the outcome, the dev team is doing a great job with everything. No complaints.


OMG If you could get the screen to work with iOS devices too, I would be in heaven.


I’m confused. On other thread you said that it’s on denon to air drop a new firmware to support DJ now when they did you can’t confirm it will be supported?


Hey, is it possible to tell me how im able to map the Jogwheels? Im only stuck on this!

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Hi @Toorg,

Thanks for the question.

Some controllers require special updates (usually firmware wise) in which they become generally compatible with apps such as djay. Please note that general compatibility is different than native in-app support.

From there we make test to see that the controller is mapped correctly, behaves as intended, etc.

Finally, we will then publicly state whether or not the controller is natively supported in djay on our DJ Gear page.

Hi @Alex_Soufiah,

May I ask what version of djay for iOS you are currently running?


Any update on the denon prime go ??

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thanks to his post, i’ve just tried the same midi settings for the Prime Go jogwheels and it works!!!
find the post here from Kyleawayan: