Differentiate effects between beat-based and analog (0 to 100%)

I think djay has amazing FX but that they’re confusing to use. It would help me a lot if effects would be differentiated into at least two distinct categories:

  1. beat-based
    Examples: Echo, Gate
    Functionality: specify the beat length (ie 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2) (there is a similar suggestion here: 3/16 echo time please! - #6 by djjoejoe)

  2. analog
    Examples: Noise Sweep, lowpass, highpass
    Functionality: specify the intensity from 0 to 100%
    Hardware: allow mapping to filter button (this part has already been specified here: Selectable alternate effects for Filter control)

Confusingly, some effects are mixtures between the two, for example Noise Gate. I don’t have a direct solution for those but feel like they should give you a checkbox that controls whether increasing intensity also changes the beat length.

Thank you for getting in touch. You are suggesting to categorise the effects by these 2 options to have more information about the effect, am I right?

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Yes, exactly! I want to have more control and having more information is one way of getting there.

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I’m asking this too

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Hi all, I was wondering if instead of an anonymous slider for the parameter of the FXs (that it controls the timing), we could have a stepping slider divided on time signatures?
I ran too often in off sync FX, and its sounds awful, because the parameter was set not on a precise timing…
So the parameter slider can be stepped by the same increment of the loop section (1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 beats)
Oh and BTW, the DVS support it’s still needed :laughing:

I‘m with you, have asked for this before over here: Differentiate effects between beat-based and analog (0 to 100%)

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Hi @David_DeWitt,

Thanks for posting to the community!

This is feature request we have seen prior as stated by @djjoejoe in a post back in May.

I will follow up with our team regarding implementing beat based FX processing and of course support for DVS!

Let us know if we can help you any further. Have a great day!


Hi, thanks for forwarding our requests to your staff!
We are talking about the capability of sync the “Parameter” of the Fx slider with the BPM of the song and dividing (or multiplying) it.
For example: i want the echo out on WET:100 and (instead of a percentage on the parameter like 25%) the parameter is 1/4 of the BPM of the song, so the repetitions are in sync.
For syncing the starting of the fx can be a challenge (like a flanger fx) but i think the starting point can be “snapped” to the time division selected on the parameter. @NathanielAlgo if i cant explaine me right we can get in touch and make a call so i can show you what i mean