Djay 2 + Reloop Mixtour - No sound

Djay 2 for Android using Reloop Mixtour. No sound output or headphone output using both Galaxy Nore 4 (Android 4) and galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Android 5). Can we please get an urgent fix for this as the mixtour is currently useless. Thank you.

Well it should be. Can’t at least it be mapped that clockwise = up and counterclockwise = down?

I had the same problem but asked at the Reloop forum as they generally take care or their customers better than Algoriddm.…

Bad news … It seems you can only get sound from the mixtour not from the ipad.

Hi there,

please note that external sound cards are supported by Android 5. If you are using the Mixtour with an Android 4 device please try to connect your speakers to your audio Jack and play a tune via the Play Music application, is there a sound output?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

could you please try other applications like the Play Music app if they get through the controller?
Thank you in advance.


Hi there,

sorry for the delayed reply.
So both devices neither got a sound output out of there headphone jack or out of the Mixtour?

Thank you for this information. I had a talk to the development section and the problem is that the firmware is not able to give out a sound signal to the controller. We are very sorry.
Please stay tuned for further updates.


Hi Keith,

we are very sorry but because the problem is more on the Samsung side we don’t know when they will update there external sound card handling.

I hope you understand.

Hi there,

we are sorry but the Browsing function is not available for Android devices.

Lukas E.

I always say anything that’s musically intented Apple products have to be the weapen of choice. You guys may not like apple but when it comes to apps and music they are just the best. I feel for you guys now go buy yourselves an iPad :slight_smile:

That is not my issue. There is no sound output at all, even from the Mixtour phono connections or headphone jack.

Why would you want sound from the ipad when the Mixtour is specifically an external sound card?

The tablet is 5.0.2 but still no sound output.

Hi there,

Tried Poweramp and Google Play Music. They play normally then when I plug in the controller the sound cuts off but there is no headphone volume or sound output on the Mixtour.

Can we please get some priority on this. currently the Mixtour is useless.

Anyone … selling a product and software that don’t work together isn’t great. Lack of support isn’t great either!

Correct. Also the peak LEDs are very low. It shows some sort of sound going in but nothing on headphone cue or phono output.

Excellent, thank you. If you need me to test anything or give more information please get in touch. Would be great to get this resolved as currently the Mixtour can’t be used at all.

Any more news on this? If I can’t get it working then I will have to return the Mixtour to the supplier within 7 days which is tomorrow.

Thanks for your reply. surely both Reloop and Algoriddim should have tested this product thoroughly before release. Getting people to buy it then say it doesn’t work is not good enough.

I have the same problem with my Tab S since I had an upcoming gig to attend I bought the Lenovo Yoga 3 10 HD. Everything works great but the dial button to pick up the songs but instead you can load them directly on the tablet. 
The only thing that I don’t like,  it does not charge the tablet while is connected to the reloop. I really hope this can be resolved.
The complete Spotify integration led me to buy this product and I love it. Before I was only limited to my MP3 collection but now my selection is endless.
Congrats for this awesome product.