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I am a music producer, audio engineer by profession with college education and a DJ by hobby.I started with Traktor Scratch Pro 13 years ago and used it for 3 years before I switched to Virtual DJ and used it for 1 year and then switched to Serato Scratch Live.I recently decided to try djay Pro AI while looking for mobile and streaming capabilities. After 3 weeks now of trial, I can say honestly I am very impressed with the software mostly the Neural Mix, Automix and Sampler/Looper features.I even plan on making it my first DJ program since I will not divorce Serato.

1- Automix: The Song Range section is missing an important feature for the Start Point-Manual to be able to select cue point which is more important than the seconds after beginning that’s available because most DJs tend to set cue points at 1 bar and 1 beat for perfect transition.I found everything else perfect during my trial.

2- Sampler: A feature to select the Sample Start Point is necessary because most samples have silence at the beginning. A Sample Play Mode with Trigger and Hold mode is also important and convenient for stutter and control effects.Trigger mode will allow the sample to play until the end.Pressing repetitively will allow the sample to produce the stutter effect and play from the beginning.Hold mode will allow the sample to play while it’s pressed. Upon release of the play button the sample will stop.

3-Looper: The Edit feature available in Sampler is necessary in Looper which will enable DJs to import their own looper packs and load their own loops on the slots they either produced from DAW like Logic Pro/Ableton/Reason/Maschine or bought from Loopmasters. They will also have useful tag information such as Key/BPM from their own loops to make important decision for perfect harmonic mixing/remixing. The Looper Pack is kinda useless because the tag information such as BPM/Key for those loops are not available so DJS can decide which ones will match perfectly with the loaded song on the Mixing Decks.DJs would prefer downloading those loops as packs and import them in their library taking advantage of the smart filter to view BPM or Key of loops that can be matched as well instead of just songs. Besides, DJs would be able to mix and match loops from different packs and also incorporate their own loops to make a custom pack.From there the Keylock feature would be included in the Looper for perfect harmonic mixing/remixing between Mixing Decks and Looper. The Keylock feature in djay Pro AI, Serato DJ Pro and Traktor Pro is mindblowing for perfect mixing harmonically.Get all these features that I suggested in there ASAP because it’s overdue for DJs like me who’s specialized in harmonic mixing/mashup/remixing. Thanks in advance…

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  1. You can already define Start and End Points for Automix. These are special separate cue points outside of the normal 8 hot cues. See below:

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For 2) and 3), I suggest you create separate topics for each of these so users like me can upvote your ideas and give Algoriddim a better idea of the user demand.

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Hi @djshiny,

Welcome to the Community, and thanks for sharing your suggestions for improvement. Thanks to @Slak_Jaw for adding to the conversation here as well! :raised_hands:

Each of the suggestions you’ve mentioned are items that are currently on our internal request list or have already been suggested here in the Community, so I’ll address each one individually.

  1. Automix: You’ll find this suggestion over here on this existing Community thread:

Please feel free to comment further over there or vote on the suggestion!

  1. Sampler: I’ll move this suggestion to a new topic thread for others to vote on here in the Community. Thanks for the helpful feedback!

  2. Looper: This suggestion can be found and voted on in this existing Community thread:

Thanks again for your interest in improving djay! :notes:

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