📣 djay Pro (v5.0) has been RELEASED!

Get ready to experience djay like never before! We’re thrilled to introduce djay Pro (v5.0), our most significant update yet – free to existing djay users! This major update comes packed with new features, significant improvements, and groundbreaking innovations designed to enhance your DJing experience.

Here are some of the highlights:

• All-new Neural Mix™ 2.0: a new standard in performance and sound quality (jointly developed with AudioShake)
• Crossfader Fusion™: elevate your mix and apply creative effects as you transition between tracks
• Fluid Beatgrid™: all-new, groundbreaking beat detection engine with support for tempo changes, automatic flexible grids, and so much more
• Starter Mode: our most powerful yet intuitive interface yet (iOS only)
• UI refresh with new dashboard & settings
• All-new stunning waveforms with crisp colors and updated overlays for beats, cue points, loops, downbeat anchors, and beats in negative time
• Enhanced music library features, including support for editing song metadata, ratings, and comments in My Collection and My Files (macOS only)
• Advanced beat grid editor
• Major improvements to the audio engine and overall performance
• Cross-platform PRO subscription support on up to 5 different macOS, iOS, and Windows devices (via our new djay account system)

…and so much more!

We will also be releasing FAQs regarding djay’s new Crossfader Fusion™ and Fluid Beatgrid™ features as well as the new cross-platform PRO subscription support very soon, so stay tuned for more information.

Additionally, feel free to check out our new walkthrough video regarding the update hosted by our very own DJ Angelo at the link below.

The new update is live in both the Mac and iOS App Stores, and if you enjoy the app, please support us by rating it on the App Store. We look forward to your feedback!

Happy mixing!


Sounds pretty good guys. Cheers!


This Is The Way.
I’m super excited to try it…but I may need to upgrade my main host platform. Where can I see a full Hardware compato list please?



Thanks man, but I’d like a link to what works. Minimum requirements, period. As in- if I don’t use neural mix, will it run on my Intel iMac?


I’m not happy, this feature doesn’t work with a 2200€ Xone 96, but works with a €999 controller like mixon 8. I don’t feel that would be fair! You listed as a supported mixer, but doesn’t.

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Can we get support for the hercules T7 thanks…


This feature is currently only supported with controllers and internal mixing mode.

Thats the point Slak, even MIDI functions not supported for a €2200 High-end mixer, but that mixer is on your list as a supported mixer. But who cares, right? And I have a subscription, and I can not use those features. Further more, whos playing with DVS, those DJs can’t use that new features.

Did this Update finally fix the missing screen integration for for the SC6000, Pioneer S11, Rane 72 and Prime 4 ?

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:slight_smile: thats another thing…they just focusing bedroom djs.

Hi @Bass.Art_Music no, this update does not address that.


I have 2 Denon SC6000M decks, I assume they’re not going to work either? I’m not complaining, I love the app and will continue to use it, just wanting to clarify.


@Archiesbald there has been no change in hardware support for this release.

I was hoping that this update would make it possible to also stream from Apple Music or an iTunes Match library - unfortunately still not. But still a nice update overall with some improvements.

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Even as a bedroom DJ, I admit, it is annoying if I can’t use my SC6000M and Rane72 Setup completely with all Features :expressionless:

(PS: The Rane seventy-two integration is the worse with DJay Ai :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

I’m 50yo as my son say boomer, I have started djing at my 13 age with cassette decks :)) there was no problem, then Vinyls, since DVS has been dropped I have invested 5k€ into a new DJ gear and now I can not use as that way as I wanted, even if mixer is on their supported list. Yes, annoying and really not fair. I think we deserve more than this.

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Laidback Luke makes that same point this in this video.

‘Club standard’ gear offer less features than cheaper controllers. More expensive or standard does not equal better or more feature rich, in this case it actually has its downsides.

The problem is that the crossfader fusion thing is a software thing that can not be used with an external mixer. Controllers do not actually mix audio in the mixer, but just control the software. This makes that this feature works on controllers, but not on external mixers.

Technically you probably could use a soundcard like a reloop flux as a dvs input, and then use a controller like a reloop mixtour as a mixer, handling the mixing inside the software controlled by the mixtour and thus you would be able to use a feature like crossfader fusion.

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This is incredible! Question about FluidBeatgrid. Is there a way to get Djay to re-analyze tracks that were already in the previous version to update the beat grids? Or does the beat grid just get updated when you load the track for the first time?

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